How to Manipulate Time

Have you noticed that time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself and slowly when you are not? Is this a figure of speech or is it a real observation? Well it does and we, as un-self-recognized master creators in this incarnate condition can and do locally manipulate time. Actually though, we don’t exist in a time based environment, we exist in an event space based environment where that space can be created in a Multiversally, Universally, Galactically, Globally, Group or individually based condition. Before I carry on though, I need to prove that time doesn’t exist, which is actually quite simple because we are given plenty of indications by our creator, The Source.

Most spiritualists state that time does not exist in one breath and then quote that we are ascending into the fifth dimension in the other, bypassing the fourth dimension because it is classified as time. But time does not exist both in the spiritualists mind and in reality so why do we still relate to it. Why are we classified as existing in the third dimension, and, are ascending through the fourth to the fifth if the fourth does not exist. This is because our understanding of our position within the multiversal structure is incorrect. From a structural perspective we exist in the frequencies that inflate the sub-dimensional and full-dimensional structure of the multiverse and not “higher up” in the “dimensional” areas per se. The lowest common denominator is therefore not based upon dimensions, but upon frequencies and it is the frequencies that we ascend through. The so called “fact” that time is assigned as being both the fourth dimension “and” not existing being the major indicator, the milestone on the freeway, that we have an error in our knowledge and  thinking process. Knowledge, experiential knowledge, that time does not exist sets our minds free from convention and allows us to work in a way where we can manipulate that space, a space made up of events, by pure intention.

To prove my case I want to give you an example of how I have manipulated time (event space). In one event I arrived in my home town via a train “late”. I was due to meet a connecting train which was due to depart just minutes later, and, from another train station. The time to walk between these two stations is at least 7-8 minutes and circa 5-6 minutes to run between the two.  I looked at my watch and as I arrived I had just 6 ½ minutes to catch my connection. I focused my intention on arriving, not only in the other station, but on the correct platform on time to meet my connection in time and began a brisk walk. During the journey I focused on arriving on time and not on the possibility of being late. As I approached the half-way point I glanced at my watch, only 2 minutes of “clock” time had passed. I re-focused my intention to arrive on time and continued to walk in the same fashion. I subsequently arrived at the station and made my way to the platform. My intention “still” on arriving in time I arrived at the platform where my train awaited me. I looked at my watch and only 4 ¼ minutes had passed. I had stretched the event space I was in to get from one station to another. I had stretched or “manipulated” time and had arrived with 2 ¾ minutes to spare.

I have also used my intention in a similar way to compress event space, making the “time” spent doing something I didn’t like doing shorter.

Try it yourself!

Use two synchronized watches to prove the point, one inside your local event space and one outside, and, you will see for yourself how you can use your intention to manipulate time in this way. You will need to have your intention perfectly aligned with success though – WITH NO DOUBT!

The example at the start of the article illustrated that enjoyment makes the passage of the event go faster, because we don’t want it to end, and, dislike makes the passage of the event go slower, because we want it to end. These desires use our intention to affect the structure of the local event space peculiar to ourselves and how it interacts with the wider event space that are group and globally based. Armed with this knowledge and with a neutral mind about an event we can actively expand or contract the event space we create at will.

So how do we exist within everyone else’s event space? That being, if we locally manipulate time how do we work with the same event space (time frame) as those around us.

Note again that we are in our own locally created event space and when we stop concentrating on time we allow, it, our event space, to normalize and we slowly, “and gradually”, normalize our time frame, our event space, to that equal to those around us. That being, our local event space harmonizes with the other event spaces around us and adopts the average of all the local event spaces, and, the overall group event space of the Earth, Galaxy, Universe and Multiverse.




8 Responses

  1. kipwoods says:

    Will practise just awesome Namaste

  2. judith says:

    WITH NO DOUBT- hope to be at that point some day! thank you. eco

  3. Mary Jo says:

    Thanks guy. I loved reading your blog on event space. I had a very similar experience when I was catching a plane in Sydney. I missed my stop for the airport and when I actually got off the train I soon realised there simply was not enough time to make my plane. So I made a decision to put my intention & imagination to my preferred outcome of making it on time. I gave myself permission to feel into my experience as arriving to the airport and going through security to sitting waiting for boarding my plane.
    I caught my next train back to the airport. Check in was closed and I kept smiling as I was open to it turning out perfectly how ever that would unfold even if I had to stay a extra night in Sydney. Straight away the lady at the desk rang to enquire if they could check me in which was a yes. I arrived at boarding with plenty of time. There was no cues at security check in …. (Rememder this is sydney airport ) I enjoyed wonderful exchanges of conversation with security (not always the case or in my expectations of experience… However I intended it this time purposely). In the end I had plenty of time and it was like a opening occurred through out the whole experience (event space !) that welcomed me easily through it. I did indeed catch my plane home to New Zealand and was gleaming in gratitude for I just demonstrated to myself that we really are that powerful as conscious creators of our reality when we choose to align our thought, intentions, feelings & knowing a with our preferred experience .

  4. Thank you, Guy, for this excellent piece! It’s just too good not to share with the world. 😉
    Crossposted at my blog Big Picture Questions ( with some comments! Thanks for your guidance, Ulla

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