The Benefit of ‘Grounding’

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the benefit of ‘Grounding.’

Q:  How beneficial is the effect of grounding (walking barefoot or just standing barefoot on the grass or dirt)? How much time is it recommended that we walk or stand barefoot on ground per day? Is it useful/recommended to ground our feet while we sleep or bed sheet via electrical conductors to the ground (as some grounding fans claim)? What type of shoes should we use to enhance the grounding during the day? Is it useful to be barefoot even in floors of furnished homes (marble, ceramic, wood (that frequently is finished with varnish)?

SE: Grounding is not achievable by a physical activity, so the questions asked are irrelevant.

Being ‘Grounded’ is a function of your intention to work within the lower frequencies of the multiverse that are used to construct the physical universe and its content. The trick is to be ‘In’ the physical but NOT be ‘Of’ the physical.

The way to remain grounded is to recognize that you incarnate for a reason and therefore have a commitment to address the challenges you experience whilst incarnate. That commitment is to do the very best you can with the mental and physical tools you have, being of service to others and avoiding Karma in the process. Another way to remain grounded is to recognize and maintain your Earthly responsibilities and skilfully deliver the actions required to support them.

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  1. Hi Guy,
    Would you please explain more about HOW to do this: “The trick is to be ‘In’ the physical but NOT be ‘Of’ the physical.” How do YOU do it personally, since you spend an awful lot of time in the higher frequencies (e.g. writing books with SE’s/Origin, doing readings and healings, meditating etc.)?

    I’ve learned from the 9D Pleiadians that some people don’t feel safe to be in their body, so when they encounter something that makes them anxious, afraid or distressed, they go up and out of their body and get “spaced out.” An example of this is when you walk into another room, but you forget why you did that, which indicates that you’re not grounded.

    They also say that all of us humans are “walking portals” with a somewhat unique ability to connect to Source energy. This life is not about going up and out of body, since we are here to experience things in the physical. They suggest that you use your 5 senses to get attention back to your body (e.g. touch a pet, eat a juicy orange, etc.), then connect to your vertical portal to Source to see how much bliss, joy, love you can hold and play with while you’re IN your body here. Does this make sense to you? Thank you for your guidance, Ulla

    • Hi Ulla,

      Being in the physical relates to being materialistic in all ways, that being our thoughts and actions are earth based and with no knowledge or experience of the greater reality – karma. “But not being of the physical” relates to knowing the greater reality and doing ones best to not be attracted to materialistic actions desires or thoughts, working with the physical and moving through it with grace dealing with our commitments and interaction with other and not being side tracked with fears, worries or addictions. You are on the right road. I hope this helps

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