Geological change and the Earth

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the subject of geological change.

Q: Various sources claim that the geography of this world will make a devastating change.
Is this just one possible timeline, and if so, which is the most likely?

SE: One only has to take ice core samples from the Arctic and Antarctic to see that the Earth has had many weather system changes over its existence. Some of them are slow and take centuries – even millennium, others take a few years only. All of these affect the geological status of the Earth in some way. Some of them are minor whilst others can be classified as devastating.

There are two such changes that are affecting the geology of the Earth right now – you do not need to quote a time line to see this.

The first is the effect on the weather and the subsequent geological changes that are the result of the interaction with high frequency activities of an ‘Ascending’ incarnate mankind. These changes, although dramatic at times can be classified as minor.

The second is due to the immanent shift in Earths magnetic poles. This is a regular occurrence and is primarily due to how the pan frequential aspects of the Earth realign themselves with the rotation and frequential position of the galaxy within the physical universe at certain periods. This realignment results in a shift in the rotational position of the magma at the Earths gross physical core to compensate, subsequently creating changes in its magnetic alignment, affecting the weather, seasons and geology/geography. These changes are devastating to say the least and have been the cause of the demise of many Earth based incarnate civilizations – specifically those who were unprepared or of low technological or spiritual advancement.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the reply. How soon is immanent, is this the Process described by Keisha Crowley (Little Grandmother) and which Future World Map is most likely?

    • I am told to say that it is best not to focus on what could be the future but to affect what we want to be the future. If that future is a change where we experience catastrophic change then we will experience catastrophic change. If we work on our understanding of what is happening then our understanding allows us to respond to the change and limit the level of catastrophe, working with it rather than against it..

  2. When SE said: “These changes are devastating…and have been the cause of the demise of many Earth based incarnate civilizations” – this sounds like the “cleansing” that SE has done before in Atlantis (History of God, p. 245). These periodic “cleansings” sound a bit harsh to me. How can wiping out many civilizations be justified by a compassionate, loving God?

    Do these earth changes represent a change to the fundamental multiverse structure or are they played out in event space or different parallel environments (with different versions ranging from no change to minimal to massive earth changes)? If it’s the latter, no wonder humankind has what is called “catastrophobia”!? Please help me understand this better. Thank you, Ulla

    • These cleansings have been done before – correct. And we are part of the decision to cleanse so God is in agreement with what we do to progress. These changes are local to the earth, although they can still be in another event space that the earth is part of. the level of cleansing is relative to what needs to happen to allow us to progress in the right way, and yes there may be many different gradients of cleanse and the associated event spaces.

  3. Chris says:

    Immanent or imminent? I feel the word used is no mistake!

  4. Chris says:

    These crystals must be in place before the great shifting of the Earth happens. I have four more crystals to be placed… though I do not know yet for where they are destined. When the time is right, I will be told where each must return.
    Little Grandmother

    • The crystals are a focus, a focal point for ley line energy to be reconnected. Think of them as a solder bridge linking two damaged ends of a track on a printed circuit board (PCB) together allowing the full functionality of the PCB to operate again. They need to be placed where the breaks are, and before the ley line power is turned on in that area – hence the timing issue.

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