Staying Grounded

For the spiritual individual existing in the physical, staying grounded is the most important thing one can do.

Although spiritual people have varying levels of access to the greater reality of spirit whilst incarnate, and this is a great privilege, they like every other incarnate, have a responsibility to the roles and responsibilities they signed up for before incarnation.

It is all to easy to say “I will leave it up to the universe to decide” or “what will be will be” but this is an act of renouncing ones responsibility to actively engage in the activities encountered whilst in the physical. It is not being grounded.

We have a responsibility to engage with our life plan, and, that which is presented to us is ultimately part of that plan, giving us the opportunity to experience, learn and evolve. If in our spiritual activities we negate to engage with physicality, preferring to stay “up there”, then we are missing the point of our physical existence, which is ultimately designed to assist in accelerating our evolution.

Staying grounded therefore assists our ability to focus on physical existence, allowing us to engage in our life plan through physical interactions. Our physical interactions provide us with opportunities to experience and learn which are interlinked with our ultimate spiritual role – of evolving.



4 Responses

  1. Otto Venäläinen says:

    Thank you, this is essential!

  2. maria goretti says:

    Great message Guy and as usually sent to me at the perfect time. Thanks again.

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