Working Together – An Essential Evolutionary Opportunity

When we planned our incarnation and subsequent life plan we chose a number of experiences to be experienced and a number of lessons to be learned from them. We also took the opportunity to link some of these with the removal of certain Karmic content.

Some of these experiences we can achieve on our own, in virtual isolation, but most of them are achieved by working with a particular person, or a group of people. These people come in and out of our life as necessary, allowing us to address our life’s plan at the right junctures in our incarnate existence.

The souls that we choose to work with are chosen with great care and love, especially those who will be involved with experiences that will stretch us physically, mentally and spiritually. Some are those souls who love us the most when in spirit. For this we have to thank them, for it is a difficult task they undertake, because sometimes they must take on-board the role of ‘The Villain’ in our eyes! Refusal to work with them, for whatever reason, can and does contribute to evolutionary stasis and an inability to remove Karma.

We therefore have a duty to ‘Work Together’ with those we both like to work with, and, those who come into our lives for limited periods, including those we may not like or resonate with.

Its easy to work with those we love and like, but not so easy to work with those we don’t like or have issues with. But if we can stand back and look at the opportunity for our evolutionary growth as a result of working together, with whoever it is, seeing the beauty of  how we will grow, how we will evolve and what potential Karmic content may be removed, we will see the opportunities that working together gives us in our overall evolutionary growth.

Evolutionary growth allows us to learn the lesson first time round, reducing our Karmic cycle, our incarnate cycle and eventually the necessity to incarnate.

Work together then, with joy and love in your hearts. Accelerate your evolutionary journey and evolve beyond the need to incarnate.


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for the reminder

  2. David says:

    Great timing, I needed that !

  3. Ellen says:

    I have struggled with the relationship that I have with my Mother most of my life. The past few months I changed my thinking about why she was an irritation to me. I cannot look at her now with anything but love for taking on such a tough role for me. It is a bit overwhelming to know that you can be loved that much spiritually when physically there is such distance. I believe there is really something beautiful about Guy’s message today.

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