Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 13

My Master quoted this several times in his talks;

Q: [“The Self is awake when senses are asleep and The Self is asleep when senses are awake”  ~ Bhagavad Gita]

A: Yes this is a fundamental truth, but note that The True Self is awake in both cases.

Q: Master always used to mention that we need to Meditate silently and then Seek the “Self” within.

A: Yes this is a fundamental functional requirement to commune with The Self and God.

Q: What is the state of realization?

A: The state of realization is achieved when the incarnate Soul is in communion with its True Self and God whilst still incarnate (this is Self Realization), and, that this can be achieved at will.

Q: Is this when “I” the ego is no longer an doer, “I” the ego is not thinking, “I” the ego, body and mind are completely dissolved? A constant state of Being. Thought is not moving. Time and Space is dissolved. Body, Mind and thoughts are dissovled?

A: Yes, it is when we have achieved the level of experiential understanding that goes with Self Realization and have therefore reached the frequencies associated with communion with The True Self and God. At this point the ego is no longer required, or indeed, able to exist for it is a function of being immersed in our incarnate state and reference to ourselves as the human form, which when we are Self Realized, we do not.

Q: What happens to the five senses in the state of Self Awareness/Realization?

A: They dissolve because they become redundant.

Q: Are the inner senses/inner eyes  arriving at the state of watching/experiencing consciousness in the Self Awareness state?

A: Yes, they also experience our level of sentience.




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  1. Monique Walsh says:

    It was wonderful to receive the satsanga recording, and it’s
    an absolute privilege to receive these post.

  2. Kalee Chandra says:

    Thank you for sharing the information you are given. We truly appreciate this.

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