Questions Relating to My Work and the Teachings of the Hindu Yogi’s – 12

Can you comment on some simple things which my Grand Master Sri Ram Chandra (Babuji ) stated. They are:

A: God is simple and hence our approach to reach Him/Her/It needs to be very simple with Love and Meditation in our hearts.

Q: This is correct, it is man that makes things difficult or complicated.

A: Prayers need to be only to seek God and nothing else. Seek God for God and nothing else.

Q: Choose mantras instead  Prayers can have a lack of true direction. Mantras narrow the focus of the devotees desire to know God.

A: Remember God at all times and one day God will start Remembering You (Power of Constant Remembrance).

Q: This is correct, but note that we are all smaller individualized units of God so as we remember God, God remembers us and we remember that we are God.




4 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    I think “simple” is inaccurate if not misleading if applied in above context as opposite meaning of complicated/complex/convoluted, considering the nature of greater reality, not to mention God.

    “Pure”is the first word that popped up to me in terms of intention/attitude/mindset needed when communicating with God, then “relevancy” in content (to evolution of ourself or God) came, as well as “openminded” (not bounded by the value and knowledge ones have) so that one’s can ride with the flow of information come through and really see/realise from the information, both the facts/details of reality, which can be more convoluted in nature, as well as to “aware of the ultimate meaning/truth”, which is more simple in nature.

  2. Charles says:

    Mantras is more a tool than the goal itself, and prayers can be an intention of a person or a communication to another entity as well.

    A suitable mantra may get/ready oneself in a state of meditation or communication with higher entities but hardly a real content of communication. Also different people or persons with different nature/obstacles may need different mantras that is working for oneself.

    If purposes of prayers prayers is to seek advice or actualise ones’ intention, then God, TES or even guides can be suitable entities that one’s should seek for. In general, I think the more relevant to our incarnated life (ie more “material”) the more we should seek for our guides and vice versa…..

  3. Charles says:

    For the last one, I think it’s more about the enhancements of our awareness of the greater reality we have acknowledge and the linkage with the God. This will help us focusing more on who we really are,not to be caught in the material world of lowest frequencies and supposed easier to accomplish what we plan to do, experience and learn in our incarnation.

  4. Charles says:

    Also reminding us that all our counterparts in our scenarios in life as well as other entities who got nothing to do with us are also parts of God, who are just different aspects of the aspects of God and in different stages of evolment. This at least help us to rethink before we react and not to attache to karma.

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