Poems from Anne’s Service

Below are the poems read out at Anne’s Funeral Service, where 200 people gathered to say farewell.

Poems in Celebration of the life of
Anne Elizabeth Milner


 Spoz’s Poem For Anne

When speaking of Anne
Where should one start?
Her welcoming manner?
Or her gentle heart?

A true friend of Birmingham,
A true caring soul,
Who cared for each fraction,
As well as the whole.

 Busy putting smiles
On people’s faces,
With no sense of self
And no heirs and graces.

Redressing the balance
Of an unjust lot
She gave what she had …
to those that had not.

Our world will be poorer
Without our Anne,
Though we’ll soldier on
As best as we can,

You’ll live long in our memories,
Beyond all measure,
A farewell to Anne …
Our national treasure.

Spoz x

Sammi–Joy’s Poem for Anne (2012)

Our Gentle Smiler
Lady, first off
I hope you’re at peace
Smiling on down at
The absurdity of us
As we mourn and weep for your loss

 You can finally say
You beat the beast
You’ve been set free
Back into the source entity

Just don’t think we’ll
Ever forget your gentle ways
That beguiling smile
Your infinite grace 

Personally from me to you
I want to say
A huge thank you
No God Daughter could have been prouder
Of the woman who
Introduced me to Pride and Prejudice
Who baked Christmas stars with me
The woman with whom
I could have the most serious in depth
Discussions of Harry Potter

 Thanks again for believing in me
I will forever endeavour to make you proud

You just take it easy
We’re all winding our way
Back to you, eventually
Just be patient
And know that we’ll
Hold your light within us

 For Guy by Anne

To Make you Feel my Love, Lover


 The evening Shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years –
To make you feel my love 

I know you haven’t made up your mind yet
But I would never do you wrong

I’d go hungry
I’d go black and blue
I’d go crawling down the avenue

No there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
To make you feel my love


Anne x

 On Grieving for Anne by Guy

 I know I should not grieve
For grieving focuses on loss
And loss, is such a transient thing,
Loss is such a small thing

 I know I should not grieve
For grieving brings great sorrow
And sorrow is not a memory
Of that we had between us

 Too small a point in time
To warrant its existence
Grieving dominates the joy
We had in OUR existence

 I now change my focus
On all those years of joy
Negating the grief and sorrow
In lieu of the joy

 Remembering my Anne, I smile and laugh
My tears of sorrow will now depart
And tears of Joy will now apply
For I have years of memories
To wistfully remember
Our life together was such an adventure.

 Thank you my dear one
You’ve given me so much
The last thing to do is 



8 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely and deep feelings, dear Guy.
    You are going through this sad lost, but comforting is you have all those loving and happy years you shared together in your heart and memory.
    Many people don’t have such luck and you two were very blessed.
    Time will ease the pain and only love will stay.

    • Thank you Eva. Its a very necessary human emotion to go through to maximize the benefits of experiencing it, but experiencing it without attachment to the ascended one -for that is karma.

  2. chris woods says:

    That was very moving. (For Ann and Guy) The power of love so magical, to the soul whimsical, to the heart eternal,to God a wink. Namaste love to you my brother.

  3. Rachel Canchola says:

    These are the most beautiful poems I have ever read in my life. Thanks for posting!

  4. Janis Blums says:

    Dear Guy,My condolences on your wife Anne’s passing-over.However it is a time also of joy, for she has returned and ascended back to the realm of the Heart of God-dess.While she has completed her soul work on earth, her spirit is and will always be with you, and those whom she has touched in this lifetime. The below youtube “People Come Into Your Life For Reason” is one of my favourites which echoes a spiritual philosophy about life and its purpose. ‘May the breeze of spirit be always at your back and its light be your heavenly eyes”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG4kZjR7z_s

    Janis Blums

    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 17:25:12 +0000 To: jeblums.kdowns@hotmail.com.au

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