Avoiding Karma – 89

If one detaches oneself from the lower frequency distractions of the gross physical, those that occur on a regular basis, then one can maintain ones high frequency existence whilst incarnate. One grows as one experiences these distractions, learns from them, recognizes them and acts correctly, subsequently evolving as a result of their transient effect.
The effect is transient, but beneficial in this instance, because of the recognition of what it is, a function of low frequency existence. That is, an opportunity for the incarnate entity to recognize that which affects one, “see, feel and know” the reason for its existence and take the correct path, negating it’s influence and turning it into positive karma, allowing one to ascend frequentially as a result.


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  1. Eva says:

    I am glad I am able to see lower frequency distractions from this point of view and understand them, but from time to time it’s not easy to handle it..even when accepted and negated, the influence is too strong. I am glad the reward is to ascend frequentially.
    Thank you, Guy. As always, your explanation arrives as just for me and just on time.

  2. Mary says:

    If we learn that killing is not right and refrain from doing it, we ascend? If we only realise killing is not right after we have killed, do we ascend still? Is the level of ascension the same? Do we still incur bad karma despite going back to the right path afterwards?

    • Provided the contract between two incarnates was for one to have its physical existence terminated in this way for its own experience and the opportunity for the other incarnate to learn and repent as a result of the recognition of this form of wrong doing then ascension still assured. If this is not the case then “bad” karma will prevail and the frequential ascension arrested.

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