Photos from the 1st Bangalore Traversing the Frequencies Workshop 17-19 May 2013

Dear All,

Below are a few photos from the free lecture where I lecture on my history and the structure of the multiverse and take the audience through an exercise to raise their frequency level and gain physical feedback from their body – giving them proof of frequential change. later are picture from the workshop.

My host, Apurva Introduces me to the free lecture guests.


Notice the orb in this image. We all felt my late wife Anne was watching!


Delivering the lecture.





I show the group how to raise their frequencies and gain physical proof in the process.




Mr K.M. Rajashekar honors me in the traditional Indian way. (a blessing indeed)




What a wonderful experience.


Some of the audience.




I speak to an attendee about the benefits of the work.



——–During the Workshop ——-

 Lunch – wonderful India cuisine.


A discussion during a shared lunch.


An impromptu lecture on Intention – Thought & Action


A close up of the diagram.




Workshop graduates (TTF Level 2)


TTF Level 2 graduates (Official Photo)



Signing Certificates for the successful TTF graduates.



4 Responses

  1. chris woods says:

    Happy to know that sweet Anne is there with you helping Guy,bring a tear of joy to me 🙂 Namaste.Great work.

  2. Reena says:

    It has been such an honor and pleasure to learn and get life related answers while getting an opportunity to interact with you at close quarters. Hearing and to know other participants was such an experience and learning. I actually felt the various levels of frequencies during meditation, and it has been a great revelation. I have started reading your book “History of GOD”, which you gave us in such a nominal cost. I feel that my inner self is really enjoying the reading and knowing. The language in the book is so understandable. Thank you for translating it for us all to be able to read and understand. . Thank you. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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