My wife Anne visits me during the Bangalore TTF Free Lecture



In this image taken during the Bangalore Traversing the Frequencies workshop  free lecture we found an Orb. I was asked what it was and an overwhelming emotion came over me as I realized it was my late wife Anne watching from the energetic. My host, Apurva, felt the same even before I made the connection myself providing intuitive confirmation. What a Blessing. We had both felt her presence during the trip to Mysore the previous day as well.

Please feel free to zoom into the image and see the detail in  the structure.



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  1. Jodi-Beth says:

    Isn’t that lovely! 🙂

  2. Eva says:

    How wonderful, Guy!
    Be blessed.

  3. Mark Brown says:

    Wonderful, when zoomed in, the orb is so clear. How lovely.Thanks for sharing

  4. Bostjan Kovaÿffffe8iÿffffe8 says:

    Hello Guy, 

    You are doing some cool work.  Do you have a set of videos for free where you explain any of your techniques for raising frequencies? Also, a somewhat awkward question. I am reading again Tales of Power by late Carlos Castaneda. Do you feel or see there is something like the assemblage point existing within some layer of  energy body, or is it perhaps outside of it?

    Best,  Boštjan  Slovenia Europe


    • Hi Bostjan, I will be announcing the introduction of correspondence courses later in the year for raising the frequencies.. I am teaching in Slovinia in September this year over the weekend 21-22 September.Contact: Matjaž P. Trček

      Ref: Carlos Castaneda I feel that the assemblage point is similar to the final condition relating to energetic dysfunction created by dysfunctional thoughts. These start at the Ketharic Template (7th auric layer and 7th energy level) which is the outer edge of the spirituo-physical aspect of the human form and work their way down to the physical energy levels. The assemblage point being the final focus of the dysfunction and the area of physicality such. Based upon this its position changes dependent upon the area of physicality associated with the dysfunctional thoughts and subsequent energetic dysfunction. Blessings Guy

  5. Gwynneth Elias says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing grace and blessing, with love and gratitude, Gwyn

    gwynneth elias

    “Reality is merely an illusion, allbeit a very persistant one” Namaste

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