Link to Interview with Adnan from UFO HUB – Arkansas – June 2014

Dear Souls,
Please find below a Youtube link to an interview I had with Adnan from the UFO Hub ( that was held during the Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference, Springdale, Arkansas – June 2014.
Some of the content of this interview is presented in my soon to be published 5th book – The Origin Speaks.


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  1. Verona Thompson says:

    Hi Guy,

    This is a marvelous post. I am pleased to have it alL in one place that I can access when it is needed. Like NOW. With all that goes on in this 3D life we lose the big picture.

    Both Ed and I received in the mail today a letter from Lucy. ((We thought it would be a copy of her newsletter which we paid for). But it was telling us she has cancelled our subscription to her newsletter and she is refunding the money for the remaining issues this year. Her words were “With all that has occurred between us I deeply feel that it is important to give each other space with respect for our differences. I have choses to take your name off…… I do respect and wish you well on your path.”

    It sounds like an adolescent teenager. I wonder what she thinks has occurred. Ed’s response to me was “I thought we were all one.” Ed is okay with this and is ready to drop the relationship. Kathleen has also dropped the relationship with both Ed and me. There was a real friendship there before but I can understand Kathleen’s deep need for a social life with Lucy’s group. I seem to be picking up that Katherine has something to do with this. She is solidly back with Lucy and dislikes me very much–always has. I am really being pushed, aren’t I? Is there a lesson here I am missing?

    Your previous response was so right and probably still is. My guides here are saying not to respond in any way if I am picking that up correctly.

    Patti, Ed and I are all facing the same sort of thing from our light worker friends. It feels like a big void. Is there any further understanding you can give me? It is hard not to pick up some blame here. Yet I know this is Lucy’s problem and not mine. I’m tired of this sort of STUFF!

    You have my permission to just toss this note out. I will settle down soon. I had to voice it.

    On a beautiful note, I loved your interview here and loved being able to see you. You have a way of settling things down for me.

    Blessings to you dear friend,


    • Hi Verona. Greetings from Crete. This is normal (the shedding of previous relationships that is) for those who are actually ascending the frequencies. Accept your progression with joy in your heart for this is your proof of progression, and send them your love to help them see the route for their progression. Blessings love and joy to you all. Guy

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