The Four Corners of Kosmos – 2 of 8

kosmos coverDear Souls,

This is the Second of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos.


1b – Registration of Etheric Force Activity

Using the sandwich arrangement, without any object being present in the sandwich, with the multiple pulse technique we found that we could create and register etheric/space energy shapes that resemble organic forms, fig.4.  By comparing these results with those obtained with single controlled pulses our impression was that the multiple pulse technique both brought about, and registered, the phenomena observed (and that this could apply to Kirlian photography and Lichtenberg figures in general).

a  Fig Reg A  b Fig Reg B

Fig Reg C

Fig. 4. Examples of forms in the ether/space energy created and registered by our electrophotography using the ‘sandwich’ arrangement  (a) a feather-like form, (b) a flower-like form: (c) with a heated metal stud in the glass plate on the negative side of the sandwich on which we put a piece of wet filter paper we obtained plant-like forms.

We have referred to the fact that Pierrakos stated that when he developed expanded awareness he observed flows of energy associated with living activities, occasionally we registered something like this with leaves, fig. 5.

Leaf1  Leaf2

Fig 5.  Two examples of privet leaves showing apparently associated flow phenomena in their environment.  These results were obtained using the multipulse power source.

There is great potential for exploring the electrophotography technique, to understand what is going on and the significance of the results that it produces, e.g. what these show about the nature of the ‘space energy/ether’ – this is just one of the many areas where we only scratched the surface that warrants a more thorough investigation.

The electrophotography technique requires a high voltage power source and the circuit diagram for the one that we used is given in ref. 8 (see later Blog).


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