Expectations Bring Dissatisfaction

What causes us to be dissatisfied in life. Its not what we have or work with, or how we respond to certain things around us, its our comparison with our expectations and the expectations of others. Everything we experience we experience with the expectation of a certain outcome, the expectation being based upon what we want to experience in lieu of what we could experience.

Some expectations are based upon pre-loaded suggestions by family or friends about what could be experienced within certain conditions or are based upon a previous experience. Others are based upon our desires, material or otherwise.

Knowing these things though, does not help the remove the disappointment when we expect a certain outcome and gain another.

In order to remove expectation based dissatisfaction or disappointment we must train ourselves to be in a constant state of non-expectation, accepting any outcome as being perfect for the set of conditions that resulted in the outcome being experienced. In this way we can always be in a state of joy and wonder at the universal functions that provided the outcome, learning from them and evolving in the process.

Adopting a moto of “I expect  nothing and everything” will allow  you to move forward, gaining satisfaction in any and all outcomes, irrespective of what they are, living in peace.


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  1. Adrian B. says:

    I like this. This trains you to be in a constant appreciation for what your experiencing, even if it’s not to expectation. In a way it removes all forms of selfishness and materialism, to be in sincere gratitude.

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