Physical Separation is a Sign Post to Communion

It is rather interesting that with everything spiritual people know and experience that you would think that the physical aspect of someone would not be missed when they return to spirit.

But, one of the lessons we have to experience here “is” the feeling of separation.

No-one gets away with it!

In missing the physical we simulate, in some small way, the separation from Source and our true energetic self we would feel when entering into incarnation, but are spared from when going through the “forgetting process”.

So separation is a lesson, a warning and a direction to avoid. In feeling physical separation we are reminded to seek communion with our true energetic or higher self and our Source. Being connected whilst temporarily separate in the incarnate condition allows us to negate the pain of separation in the process, relying on spirit and not physicality for communion.


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  1. Ellen says:

    I could tell that you were writing this from your own heartfelt experience. I felt very much emotion when I read this column. Good Job Guy! Great advice for all of us incarnates.

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