Avoiding Karma Revisited – 85

The creation of any kind of suffering to another “second party”, and then receiving back that which one has dealt as the “first party” to the “second party” from a different direction or “third party” person is “Instant Karma”, or, “Devine Retribution”.

It can be helpful to receive Instant Karma for two reasons. Firstly: one is not tied to the Karmic cycle as a result of the delivery of that which incurred the Instant Karma, because one receives an equal action in return. And secondly; one is able to learn from the mistake and correct it very quickly, should one be observant enough to recognize that experienced as a function of instant Karma.

Instant Karma is also classified as “Devine Retribution” because an additional function is being performed that is invisible to both the first party “dealer” of suffering, the second party “sufferer” and the third party “dealer” returning that suffering to the first party. This function is the underlying ability for the third party to settle up previous and similar Karma with the first party, clearing that particular Karmic link.

As with all that we do when incarnate, this relies on a significant level of logistics being performed behind the spiritual scenes, with our guides and helpers working hard to help us and those we interface with experience, learn and evolve, clearing Karma along the way.

This is indeed a divine method of clearing Karma.

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