A Poem on Event Space by Gabriel

Poem – Even Space

Inspired by “The curators.”

Why is there something, he asks,

himself a small being.

and not nothing, no-being?

Go back to the Great Beginning,

the first, the one before

the Grand Beginning

when there was no Center,

and no Being, and even before the

Words and Forms made by the Being.

There were only the Seeds of Creation then,

numberless, tiny, and eternal.

Each seed, eager and obedient,

waits patiently to become pregnant.

In perpetual conversations, the Seeds

sought for something they could be,

something greater than themself

They waited patiently, they talked without cease.

In the end, being centerless,

they conceived of a Center

that could form and say the first Word,

perhaps many Words.

In stirring motions of love and attraction,

some Seeds grouped together.

Then others, then more,

until they made a Center

that willed itself to become a Being.

With long thought the Being conceived of

new Forms and the Words to make them.

Then the Being conceived of smaller beings.

The Seeds obeyed.

All the rest is a high story.


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