Avoiding Karma Revisited – 64

Anticipation is a limiting thought process that is based upon expectation of that which is a desired outcome. Desire being a condition of specific focus on the material.

Anticipation results from the individual’s expectation of a preferred outcome, focusing the attention onto the outcome rather than the wider spiritual process resulting in the outcome. Should the anticipated outcome not be that which is expected, then dissatisfaction and/or disappointment are experienced, which are a link to working with the smaller individuals incarnate picture rather than observing the result or outcome from the larger spiritual perspective of what is experienced being designed to help one evolve, no matter what the outcome.

One should therefore accept that which is presented to one as being that which should be worked with, allowing time to work on other evolutionary opportunities rather than planning for a certain “anticipated” outcome and wasting time thinking about where and when the outcome may happen and what it will be.

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