Avoiding Karma – 98

Showing gratitude for a good deed is an excellent way to encourage further good deeds. This can be given if the good deed is personally received or is destined for someone else. Indeed, showing gratitude is a mark of recognition, not only of the deed itself, including its importance, but also that the giver of the good dead has been thoughtful of the needs of the one whom the deed is destined for.

Do not however, give false gratitude, mealy acknowledging the deed for acknowledgements sake, for this is as negative as giving no gratitude at all.

Simply appreciating that which has been done also gives gratitude to that which has been done in a passive way. Passive gratitude is “received” energetically by the doer of the good deed, which also gives subliminal encouragement.

The promotion of good deeds through gratitude is therefore an accelerant. The more encouragement one receives though truly given/received gratitude the more one will do good deeds, eventually elevating themselves to the level where good deeds are normal and the need for recognition will be unnecessary. At this point in the individuals development they are in true service, avoiding Karma in the process.


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  1. Joyce says:

    I like all of the posts throughout 2013 but I will comment on this one to simply say this speaks to me today. thanks again Guy. Your work is wonderful.

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