Avoiding Karma – 71

Using others for self gain is a particularly effective way to accrue Karma and is aligned with coercion. It is also very addictive, specifically when one is successful in the use of a particular individual and gaining that which was desired. Through using others for self-gain low frequency behavior is perpetuated and augmented as one experiences more and more success in gaining that desired. Indeed, as one gains confidence, the level of “self gain” increases and the use of others increases accordingly, unfortunately so does the attraction to low frequency behavior. And, because the level of confidence derived through expected success and improved coercive skill increases the temptation to “use” others increases to the point of becoming normal behavior.

The antidote is wonderfully simple in this instance. It is applied by doing that which you would use others to do, “yourself”, gaining that which you gain through “your own hard work”, justifying the pleasures, satisfaction and accolades bestowed upon you, for you will have not received them off the backs of others.


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