Day: 14 November 2012

Crime of any sort creates Karma and it is a crime to create Karma through knowing what is, according to the law “wrong” and what is, according to the law “right”, and then choosing to do wrong. Although it is recognized in many spiritual circles that there is no right or wrong, no positive or […]
I am delighted to give my Love and sincere congratulations to the first Graduates of the Traversing the Frequencies workshop (Level 3) held in Birmingham, UK,  11 November 2012. They are: Peter Kelly, Richard Valentine, Fiona Trickett, Anne Milner, Jane Barlow, Chris Woods, They are One with the Source, The Source is One with Them – […]
My sincere congratulations go out to the Graduates  of the Traversing the Frequencies workshop (Levels 1 & 2) held in Birmingham, UK,  09 – 10 November 2012. They are: Level 1 & 2: Aco, Gwynneth, Matjaz, Nina, John, Joyce, Mandy, Mieke, Benoit, Manny, Eileen They are Pioneers in Spiritual Physics. Guy Steven Needler
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