World Satsanga held on Saturday 28th November 2020 In collaboration with Kevin Moore and The Moore Show

Dear Souls,

Please find below a link to the recording of the World Satsanga held on 28th November 2020 which is now broadcast in association with Kevin Moore of The Moore Show ( The World Satsanga will be broadcast by Kevin on his YouTube channel  together with suitable graphics. 

Below is the normal link. 

As this link is an *.mp3 file it is best accessed via Google chrome as a web browser. It may download first (It is quite big and so may take a little while – please be patient). 

Please also note that due to server space that those Satsanga recordings from before 2017 that are big files may not be available via the website. If you want a Satsanga recording that is not available then contact me as I have an archive of all Satsanga recordings.

MP3 File 

Here is the link to the Chakra Opening Exercises which a beneficial in these low frequency times.

Chakra Opening Exercises PDF
Chakra Opening Exercises Audio

Below is the link to the World Satsanga Index of Meditations and Lectures. 

Meditations and Lectures 

Below is the link to the World Satsanga Archive.

World Satsanga Archive 

Psychic Shield limited opportunity Cost reduction!

Cost UK£28 (Now Reduced to £1.00 until 31st December 2020 to allow people to use as an energetic defence against COVID 19) – PROGRAMME THE SHIELD TO REPEL OR MAKE YOU INVISIBLE TO VIRUSES AND EPLICITLY COVID 19!

Follow this link

Additionally,   One of my readers, Faith, is holding a global meditation on the 12th December 2020 at 8:00am Pacific Standard Time (GMT minus 8) to unite people towards a more common spiritual goal. I will open the meditation meeting and Faith will lead the group into the meditation.    Please do you best to join in and support Faith in this great effort to re-create union rather than devolution.  

Global meditation on Dec 12, 2020 at 8 am PST; with collective intent on Unity or United We Stand. 

Participants can join via: with Meeting ID: 580 664 3302
Scheduled Time: Dec 12, 2020 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 580 664 3302
Find your local number:




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