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The true energetic self is what we really are. It can be described as the god head, the over soul or the higher self, whichever is preferred by the truth seeker. I will continue to use the “true energetic self” because this feels more accurate for me. The true energetic self is that which was created by the Source Entity, that being our Source Entity, Source Entity One. It is an individualized unit of the Source Entity. It/they was/were created to allow the Source Entity to investigate the energies that construct it in the most complete way possible.
The true energetic self was designed to be able to work with the minute detail of the structure of the Source Entity which was, created as a separate structure within itself, the multiverse, to allow those myriad individualized units of itself the opportunity to investigate this detail without the intervention of, or the interference of, the Source itself. The true energetic self was created as a much smaller copy of the Source Entity and has a structure that emulates the Source and the multiverse. It resides within a portion of the multiverse, a frequency that is the base structural component of dimension and sub-dimensional component that is relevant to its level of evolution. The level of evolution being a progressive state and is based upon the experience and learning accrued within the energetic or higher frequency aspect of the multiverse and the low frequencies. The lower frequencies being of most interest to the Source some true energetic selves gravitate towards the opportunity to exist within, and experience the functionality associated with, these low frequencies. This requires a specific set of circumstances to allow this to happen, all of which culminate in the incarnate condition.
The true energetic self is a complex order of energies in so much as it has a direct link back to its high energetic state, its creator, and has the ability to be totally independent of its creator. In its construction it has a sub-set of energies that can also be given individuality whilst being linked to its self. These energies are projections or aspects of its self and can act independently of its self, whilst still feeding back that which is experienced to the self, just as it does to the Source. Here synergy is maintained.
There are a maximum twelve aspects that can be used. Each of them being an opportunity for individual and parallel experience in addition to that accrued by the true energetic self. They can be projected into any location within the multiverse relative to their evolutionary, and therefore frequential, position within it. Any one or all aspects can be used in the incarnate process in an attempt to accelerate the accrual of evolutionary content.
Each aspect has the ability to split itself into smaller aspects called shards. Each aspect has the ability to project up to twelve shards of itself into any location within the multiverse as just explained. However, shards are, and can be used, in a fractional way. A shard can be a one hundred percent stand-alone shard which to all intents and purposes has a similar status to an aspect, or, a shard can be a percentage of an aspect which is an extension of the aspect and not a shard “in totality”. This being that an aspect can project up to twelve shards into various locations as stand-alone projections of itself, the shard being this, with the fractional shard being an augmentation to this condition where an aspect of the aspect is also part of the projection that creates the shard. In this way the aspect gives up some of its “self” to augment any one of the shards projected from it into additional existence, incarnate or energetic, or creates a separate aspect of the aspect through separation of the aspect itself into smaller component parts, the shards being external to this part of an aspects function.

In essence a true energetic self could have twelve aspects, each with twelve shards and a number of fractional shards as additional projections making one hundred and forty four, plus, opportunities for parallel but individualized opportunities for increasing the evolutionary content of the true energetic self.


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  1. Marnie says:

    Dear Guy, I have a few questions on the nature of the true energetic self. First, is it a goal to try to amass all 144 potential aspects of the self in a single lifetime? Seems to me that the more of the 12×12 components that an individual can ‘assimilate’ while incarnate, then the more of the true self one can express & tap into. Like having more tools in the tool box to work with. Second, how do these aspects of the true self relate to the soul mate concept, which you discussed previously? I’m envisioning an individual’s 12×12 aspects overlapping with those of another individual that is part of one’s soul mate complex, potentially exposing a true energetic self to 12 raised to the power of 12 (8916100448256) potential opportunities for evolutionary accrual. Now MY brain hurts!

    • Hi Marnie. Thank you for your questions. Good Ones. As an incarnate aspect of our true energetic selves we don’t (as the aspect) try to amass all 144 potential “projections, aspects and shards” in a single lifetime. This opportunity is a potential function of our true energetic self, which could or could not limit the whole opportunity for projected consciousness into such a short period of time such as that experienced by the aspect incarnate in the human body. We have to think in terms of US being the aspect and NOT the true energetic self, even though it appears to US that we ARE the true energetic self . We are just an individualized aspect. (or shard!!!). The true energetic self is the main body of what we are, when it projects aspects, which in-turn projects shards, we get the “soul group” come into functionality. When we, as an aspect or a shard, work with an aspect or a shard from out true energetic self, we are working with part of our selves. The total number of aspects and shards projected creates the “soul group”, when we work with one of these aspects or shards we work with one of the soul group, which is a soul mate. Further multiplication is a result of event space coming into play through directional decision opportunities. I hope this helps with your understanding. Blessings Guy

  2. Dear Guy, a few more questions re: our aspects and shards
    1. How many aspects or shards does an “average” human being project on earth at the same time (concurrently)? Is it highly variable, depending on the location/frequency band of their own true energetic self or just personal choice?
    2. What happens to the aspects or shards projected into a planet in the physical universe, that gets blown up in some type of conflict? Do those shards get destroyed, fragmented or reabsorbed back into the true energetic self in some way?
    3. Would you consider the “stand-alone shard” with its smaller component parts to be a “hive mind” or a collective with individuated parts? Wouldn’t the stand-alone shard with its parts be the most efficient way to gain more experience for The All?
    Thank you!

    • Try to think higher level. The energy that is projected into the human body IS an aspect, a shard or a fractional shard! The number of aspects and shards projected by the true energetic self is variable.

      An aspect, shard or fractional shard is a projection of the true energetic self, it cannot be destroyed in cataclysmic circumstances represented in the physical universe, the energy is simply re-absorbed back into the true energetic self.

      A stand alone shard is the lowest dissection of the aspect, no further (lower) dissection is possible. Anything lower looses the base energetic requirements for the required level of functionality of a component of an energetic being that is to be projected into the physical/incarnate, state. I hope this helps with your understanding. Blessings Guy

  3. Ulla Sarmiento says:

    Hi Guy,

    I posted a few questions on the blog directly. But I also tried to visualize this concept better by drawing a couple of diagrams for you to comment on. I’m enclosing a pdf document with 2 figures labelled A and B.

    Question: Can the same aspect project itself into both fractional shards AND stand-alone shards (e.g. Aspect 2 shown in Figure A)?

    OR does one aspect project itself into multiple fractional shards (e.g. Aspect 2 in Figure B), while another aspect (e.g. Aspect 4 in Figure B) chooses to put all its energies into a stand-alone shard, which then fragments into 12 more smaller component parts, making it more of a “hive mind” or a collective with individuated smaller parts?

    Thanks for any clarification,


    • Hi Ulla, I cant see you images, please email them to thehistoryofgod@btinternet.com. However, I can answer without the diagrams. Yes an aspect can project itself into fractional shards and stand alone shards. Yes one aspect can project itself into multiple fractional shards while another aspect chooses to put all its energies into a stand-alone shard/s. However it cannot fragment into 12 more smaller component parts. Further fragmentation is a result of event space creating parallel environments and occupants of those environments. Blessings Guy

  4. acovid says:

    How does the return of an aspect (an average person on Earth – such as me) to the TES look like? I assume it happens after the death of the physical body of the aspect. It does sound like a sort of death doesn’t it? In terms of the aspect dissolving and its consciousness merging back with the TES. It also sounds like a drop of water merging with the pond – it is still water, but the drop is not there anymore.

  5. Does The True energetic self can decide how many aspects does it want to have?
    Can the aspects or The True Energetic Self decide how many aspects and shards to produce or have?
    Is it possible that the aspects and shards incarnate in different vehicles besides human at the same time?
    What I understand is that the True Energetic Self, thru the aspecs and shards is gaining knowledge and awarness of himself and experimenting as these are, if that is the case, do we have some kind of acces to the information that the TES is gaining ?

    • Yes the True Energetic Self (TES) can decide how many aspects or shards are used up to a maximum of 12 aspects and 12 shards per aspect.They can and do incarnate in any vehicle within the physical universe and its frequencies. they can be achieved concurrently. The TES gains knowledge of itself and its environment in multiple concurrent ways as a result, and because we are a part of our TES we can, with the correct training and dedication, access that information whilst incarnate, but only within the context of our ability to understand. Namaste Guy

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