We Create Our Own Hell on Earth

This text is part of a response to a question from a good Spiritual friend (CW).

When we are in the energetic we are totally free, have instant communication with our peers and our creator, we have no constraints and we are not encumbered by a physical body – we are in our normal high frequency hi dimensional environment.

When we are incarnate we are trapped in an extremely limited slow body that decays, cuts off our communication with our peers and our creator and is subject to pain, discomfort, illness and disease.

In comparison to our normal environment it is HELL.

We can however alleviate the level of HELLISH experience by endeavoring to commune with the rest of us that is still in the energetic and our creator, our Source Entity, our God.

By communing with God and self whilst incarnate and whilst living in a way that does not attract the lower frequencies associated with the physical (karma) we can experience, in some limited way, that which we experience whilst in the energetic, what we may refer to as heaven.

We can therefore make, through correct living and dedicated meditation, Heaven on Earth.

To not do so, and to go against this way of life we can, and do, make our own HELL on Earth!


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