UFO HUB Interview June 2014

Dear Truth Seekers
Click on the link below to see my interview on The Greater Reality with UFO HUB whilst at the Ozark Transformation conference June 2014



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  1. Excellent interview. A lot to think.

  2. Thank you for posting this great interview! This just about summarizes what we know about the omniverse and our multiverse through your work so far. Fantastic comments at the very end about our Oneness! Highly recommended for all! Thanks for all your work, Guy.
    Love, Ulla

  3. Chris2 says:

    Another astonishing video! Why is it not headlines on the news?

  4. Verona Thompson says:

    Hi Guy,

    Thank you for sending this. It is an excellent interview. I have lost track of time so don’t know if you are still in Crete or not. I’m hoping the work you are having done on your cottage there is proceeding well. I look forward to seeing your pictures when time allows. Time bolts by like lightening now. It does feel like we are in a different dimension most of the time.

    Some time has passed since I started this note to you. I don’t know how many times it has been interrupted–but several. There is a lot I would like to share with you. But first I want to tell you how much you have taught me and how much I appreciate that. I listened to my Reading again last night and again have found it so helpful. So many things I just did not understand before. Maurenacke tells me to tell you that the 6 1/2 inches of steel that one has to get through to me is now down to 2 1/2 inches. (Of course he is smiling–and I am too.) Thank you for your patience in repeating the things I truly needed to hear once again. Yes, I heard it the first time but something stopped it from becoming the reality. I knew I had to hear it again. This time I did more than just hear it. I got it! It was special hearing your voice, and also Tom’s and Maurenacke’s voice. So special. I have missed having you here so I hope we can do it again sometime.

    So much is going on for Patti and me. I hope she is keeping in touch with you because you have been a great help to her and she needs that right now. Her friend, Jane, who is giving her a bad time wanted her Lodge (shed) back from Patti’s property. It is now gone and went more smoothly than Patti feared. Tom, Hum. Maurenacke and I have gotten together to provide one of her own that she needs. Patti has designed it and will be getting a new “lodge” of her own that will be installed within the next 4 weeks. It is amazing how these guys pulled that together so quickly and smoothly. They really did !– and it was a verification for Patti that she is going in the right direction. Patti’s closest friends, Jane and Rich, did some damage there that I hope is healing now. Patti told me that you said she was just to remain silent in conversation with either of them. She is doing that. (Rich called her last week and she felt it was a subtle appology although not spoken as such. Your advice to Patti has also been good for me right now. So thank you for that. Patti is very strong and will get to where she needs to go regardless, but your support has been very helpful. Please find time to keep in touch with her. Her gifts are so special. Tom and his Crew are working with her and will be teaching her ways of healing that is not known here in the 3rd dimension. Patti has already gone beyond where Rich and Jane could go. Patti likes to keep her life private so it might be best to let Patti tell you what is going on. But I thought you needed to know. The two of you have special gifts where you can be very supportive to each other. The rest of us are not there yet. All of this is just a great big THANK YOU.

    RELATIONSHIPS. Yes, they are changing. Maybe you know Allen is moving this weekend to a less expensive abode. Lucy has become very distant to me. I can feel her dislike. My guys here are telling me it is HER problem and to let it be. Leave it alone and don’t try to fix it. That has not worked in the past. AmI picking this up right? I am saddened to think that close friendship is now gone. Lucy no longer channels for the group–only private readings and her Newsletter now. The last time she channeled for the group when Lord Marius was answering questions a problem arose when I asked a question. (Can’t remember what the question was.) Suddenly I knew it was Lucy that was coming through. It was not Marius. Marius would have understood what I was asking and there would not have been any anger associated with it. That was the last time Lucy channeled for the group. I think she would like for me to disappear. I’m not sure what is going on but I do know that many relationships are changing. I think I have to leave this one alone.

    Kathleen is upset with me because I am pushing her to move out of being totally 3 D ALL the time. I’m tired of her always being sick to get total attention. I don’t want to deal with her any more. (I probably will because she will be so upset otherwise.) It is just another indication about relationships. In the meantime Patti and I have become even closer and there is support there. I’m not finding it anywhere else right now. Robin is close of course but there are too many things I cannot talk with her about.

    One thing I truly love about Maurenacke telling me in my Reading with you—–Just Be. Quit thinking. I love it and am quit content to let spiritual things come at the right time. That feels so good! I have discovered, however, that when I can understand something, then I can always deal with it just fine. So I am okay.

    I had a telephone call last night telling me that a very dear couple that live in Pagosa Springs will be arriving here late Friday night to visit for the weekend. They need to take a break from all their farming work and just be here for a day or two and catch up on things again. Steve is the one that built that Galactic contraaption in my back yard. He wants to talk with Tom. He has moved away from other beings he used to channel and will only talk to Galactics now. So it will be interesting to see where Steve and Susan are right now. It will be fun to have them here. They say they only are coming to see me and not Lucy, Allen and others. Don’t know what that means. (That will be another thing that will make Lucy angry with me. She is upset about my learning from you. That came out in a recent conversation. That is her problem so I let it go.)

    Steve and Susan don’t know what is going on in my life for they moved away from all relationship here for about a year. They are special and I love them dearly so we will have a great time seeing each other again.

    I send you Blessings, Hugs, and Love!


    • Hi Verona, Vast apologies for this short response, Busy busy busy. I have sent you links to the audio for the Satsanga I gave in your beautiful house and the video for the Greek house Anne and I have. It will be an ashram later where I will teach teachers. Patti has moved on great guns and so have you. JUST BE and you will progress in a seamless fashion. HUgs and much love. Guy

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