Thirteen questions that have Biblical references – 6 of 13

This is the sixth of thirteen questions that have Biblical references.

Q: Why did Jehovah highly desire thousands of animal sacrifices to be appeased?

A: This is another of the great misunderstandings of incarnate mankind.

I am advised that Jehovah stated that (for our benefit) the animals sacrifice themselves for the perpetuation of mankind. This means they give themselves to mankind for work, such as horses to ride and help plough fields and help to operate horse drawn machinery and they also willingly give their bodies to mankind for nutritional purposes when their bodies demise.

As a result the response of the uneducated populous was to kill the animals and give them to Jehovah so that they may serve Jehovah’s’ wish of serving mankind in a way where they would become food.

In reality any animal’s body is best eaten when it demises naturally so that the animal can have a fruitful incarnation and its body (vehicle) is of use after its demise.

Animals should never be over worked if they serve us by doing burdensome work for us.




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