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kosmos coverDear Souls,

This is the Seventh of a series of eight blogs (4 blogs with 2 parts each blog that will be presented one per week) where I present the basics of the book my late Father-In-Law Dennis Milner, completed just before his ascension – Kosmos.


4a – A Scientific Basis for Homeopathy, a note on Morphology, and                How the Research came about

A group of medical doctors in Birmingham had become disillusioned with drug therapies, because they found that many of their patients ended up in hospital with the side effects of these.  They had therefore tried homeopathic treatments and found that these could sometimes have a dramatic curative action without side effects.  So they set up a research group to try and get a better understanding of homeopathy and they asked me to become a member to assist with trying to understand how substances in extreme, homeopathic dilutions could have these curative properties.

A homeopathic remedy of  a substance is made by dissolving it in water and then taking some of this solution and mixing it with ten parts of water, succussing this (a particular form of jolting/shaking), taking some of this and mixing it with ten parts of water and then repeating this process.  When this has been done six times the original substance is present as one part in a million and the remedy is known as a 6x remedy and this is a commonly used level.  But remedies are often used at much higher dilutions, e.g. 12x, 30x, 200x or even 10m, where m signifies a thousand successive dilutions/succussions.    Homeopaths tend to use the 6x level to treat physical problems and the higher dilutions to treat problems which have emotional/mental issues associated with them.   Critics of Homeopathy claim that such highly diluted substances cannot possibly do anything because there is not even a single molecule of the substance in the remedy.  However such criticism is based on the idea that the ultimate nature of substances is atoms, whereas according to the viewpoint1 put forward in Article 3, an atom of a substance has been built up in successive Universes and in principle it could be unravelled through all the stages that built it up, with the succussing breaking up the chains or other configurations in which it exists, to release the energy-activity that was involved in each stage of building it up.  The more that it is broken up, the deeper the level of the energy that is released.  Article 3 showed the beginnings of this unravelling process brought about by the experimental technique that we were using.

We had used a variety of liquids in our electrophotography, including homeopathic Aurum with which we got a different, interesting, result, fig. 11.   When a substance is not soluble in water, as with gold, the  homeopathic practice is to grind it up in lactose and then to dissolve and dilute the lactose to make the remedy.

Homeopathy 1

Fig. 11.   A somewhat different type of track that we obtained with a homoeopathic liquid, Aurum 12.

We asked about the result in an Expanded Consciousness Experience (ECE – more detail in Article 2).

Guide:  Now can we look at the Aurum picture and can you ask about where the chain comes from, is it the gold?

Ted:  There was a ‘No’.

Guide:  Lactose?

Ted:  There’s a ‘yes’ and the word ‘liquid’ too.

Guide:  So, was it due to the light ether being unwinding the potentised lactose in the solution and carrying it onto the photographic plate?

Ted:  Yes.

Guide:  In principle should it be possible to unwind atoms of any substance by potentising them?

Ted:  A hesitant ‘yes’.

Besant and Leadbeater2 did not give a clairvoyantly-observed structure for lactose but they described several other benzene-ring based molecules and these show a fan-like structure, fig12, not unlike the string of fan-like forms that registered in the Aurum photograph.

Homeopathy 2

Fig.12.   The hexagonal fan-shaped structure that Besant and Leadbeater observed in a number of benzene-ring based molecules, in this case for phenol which has the specific structure on the upper right of the diagram attached to the hexagonal fan arrangement.

In one of Ted’s ECEs on homoeopathic diluting we had been told that this caused the atom to unwind, so we asked about this:

Guide:  If we homoeopathically dilute, say, copper, is what’s going on in the water the same as the pictures we’ve got of the unwinding atomic structures?

Ted:  Oh yes, it shows it like that, yes.  And the image shows the water very active with the beings in it.

For some reason, within the medical fraternity there is a strong anti-homeopathy element which seeks to banish it, despite the fact that in the UK about 600 G.Ps, operating at the working face of medicine have found homeopathic remedies to be valuable and use them alongside their allopathic treatments3.  In a recent article a naturopathic doctor, Sherrill Sellman reported using a homeopathic preparation of human chorionic gonadotrophin as part of a protocol for treating obesity, with great success. It worked well with herself and with every one of the 200 of her patients with whom she used it4.   According to Dana Ullman5 homeopathy is widely used in other European countries and universally used in India.  In The Definitive Guide to Alternative Medicine it is estimated that worldwide 500 million people receive homeopathic treatment6.   Rather than ban homeopathy, it would be more to the point to explore its potentials further, as a cheap treatment that does not have the side effects of drugs.  There is much more that could be done to sort out homeopathic diluting and homeopathy in general.

On Morphology

The key feature of the viewpoint expressed in these articles is that everything comprises part of a totality, the Absolute, which initially is in a state of inert unconscious energy, which finds its way forward, and evolves, by differentiating into multiple different aspects, and aspects within aspects, to give rise to the complex range of phenomena of the world. There is no Creator causing everything to happen and no plan for creation; each part seeks to find its own way forward and the totality of the parts, in interacting with each other bring about the collective development of the whole.

Each part, in its striving to find its own specific way forward takes up a form that is a manifestation of its pattern of striving in relation to the other parts that make up its environment.

Following on from our observation that we created and registered organic-like forms in our electrophotography, (Article 1, fig. 3) we explored other dynamic, organic-form-producing mineral kingdom systems e.g. crystallisation, fluid flow patterns and capillary dynamolysis (the pattern of movement of a liquid through filter paper), fig.13.


a  Homeopathy A   b Homeopathy B

Homeopathy C


Fig.13. (a) A flower-like pattern formed by a drop of water, containing colloidal graphite as a ‘marker’ spreading on a thin layer of glycerine. (b) another flower-like form produced by a drop of potassium ferricyanide solution spreading on a thin layer of silica gel containing cobalt nitrate, (c) a plant-like structure produced by electro depositing silver on a  glass plate in highly constrained conditions.

To be continued….


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