The Darker Side of the Light 11 of 20

This is the eleventh of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q:  After we die do we have free will to choose between hell or return to our higher self?

SE: Dear Soul, when the physical vehicle demises there is no choice but to return to that which you are. That being, the Aspect (Soul) of the True Energetic Self (TES), Higher Self, Over Soul, God Head whatever label you wish to use (it all relates to the same condition) that is the animating force behind the physical vehicle, is reintegrated back in to the main body of energy that is the TES.

It is only a confused Aspect that stays in ignorance of what they are and stays in the limbo created by the full belief that ‘physical’ existence is ‘all there is’ – it stays associated with the lower frequencies of the multiverse. These Aspects receive help and do eventually reintegrate with their TES. This can be considered hell if you wish! – for the poor Aspect is lost in the mists of its own thoughts and expectations and does not let these mists clear to show the greater reality.

The review of existence in the physical that mankind often refers to is the analysis of the TES with that which the Aspect has achieved during its association with the physical vehicle, and, the challenges put before it. The Aspect, upon separation from the physical vehicle starts to reintegrate with the TES and regains all of the memories and experiences that it has had in previous incarnations and that which the TES has acquired from its other Aspects and Shards of Aspects. (Shards create sub-incarnations and incarnations in tandem – GSN)

In general an Aspect maintains a level of individuality when integrated with the TES purely because it becomes specialized in certain incarnations and experiences, gaining certain skills along the way which the TES desires to employ in later incarnations. Other Aspects, if newly created, are totally reintegrated and their skills integrated with other Aspects if a hybrid Aspect is required to support the TES’ desire to experience new experiences and challenges.

In essence though, nothing is lost. YOU become (eventually in some cases) that which you are, a much larger entity, one that is an individualised unit of me, your Source Entity, your God. You can not to go to hell because it does not exist.

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