The Benefits of Jewellery and Amulets

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the benefit of ‘Jewellery and Amulets’

Q:  Jewellery/amulets – I have read that some gurus recommended that their students wear, sometimes, some type of “jewels” or amulets (not expensive)  to help them in some way. Could you ask/tell us if some type of jewels or amulets can help with maintaining higher frequencies or gathering energies or getting rid of negative energies? Some metals or stones?

Could you also ask about what plants are beneficial?

SE: Certain pure base Earth metals do have resonant frequencies that heal and/or raise the resonant frequency of the wearer. For instance Silver offers resistance against infection. Jewell’s are minerals and those that are pure can also be used or programmed to function in certain desired ways. Such as, healing a dysfunctional liver or assisting in the remembrance of dreams. They can also be programmed to deflect low frequencies or if a naturally high frequency, to raise the frequency of the wearer. To establish what a metal or mineral is naturally capable of one should employ someone who is adept in the art of psychometry. The list of metals and minerals is too long to identify what they are all capable of in this dialogue but suffice to say the purity of the mineral or metal is its key to ensuring its high frequency. The higher the carat, the higher the frequency.

In some instances though, they are used as a placebo. They are used to make the wearer think they are being healed by the amulet or stone, which in turn, makes them heal themselves through correct thought processes that remove the dysfunctional thoughts that created the disharmonious energies and subsequent physical response.

Plants are a key component of the physical ecosystem of the Earth and as such are a source of natural purity and high frequency. They are also a valuable source of natural medicine. Looking after, and being in the presence of Trees, Plants and Flowers is a way to maintaining your own frequencies at a high level because they exist in a state of purity and are linked into the natural function of the energies of the multiverse. Any Tree, Plant or Flower that is cared for in a loving way broadcasts high frequency energy towards the one nurturing them, creating a beneficial symbiotic energetic feedback loop.

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  1. Verona Thompson says:

    It seems like just seeing and appreciating the beauty of a piece of jewelry, stone, mineral, plant or tree raises one’s frequency. Don’t have to own it or wear it How fortunate for all of us. I wonder then if we can see the beauty in each other how that might raise the frequencies of the whole multiverse.

  2. Ellen Leonard says:

    I just wanted to thank you for addressing stones. I totally believe that they are some of our helpers here on Earth. Thank You, Guy.

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