The Anne Dialogues – Cover Release

Dear Souls,

I am delighted to advise you that the draft cover design of The Anne Dialogues is now available for you to view. Please see below.

The Anne Dialogues – communications with the ascendedanne_cover

This book is based upon the dialogues I had with my late wife, Anne. The information is based upon what she is experiencing in the energetic and the incarnation process.

It is identifying new and radical information on what we do in between our incarnations, the process of incarnation and the planning prior to incarnation.

Publishing is planned before November 2016.


pre order by contacting my publisher – Ozark Mountain Publishing.

Phone: +1-800-935-0045, +1-479-738-2348 Fax: +1-479-738-2448






2 Responses

  1. Luisa says:

    Hello Guy

    The cover is beautiful and with a nice colouring! When you look at the cover it gives a feeling of purity and at the same time very special that you are sharing with us!!! Can’t wait till the book is released in November to gain more knowledge and understanding!!!

  2. Victor says:

    Nice cover. It reminds me of an ancient manuscript like a bible
    . The irony may well be that this is all ancient knowledge brought forth to this generation. As a trouth seeker, Im excited to know, that the information brought forth in the Ann Dialogues will illuminate our understanding of the energetic world. Im particularly intrested in the planning that takes place prior to incarnating, and, is the soul prevy to probable or certain future events, or is it a game of chance.

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