Take Your Time And Enjoy Whats Around You

It is very easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of incarnate life. We rush to work, rush to meetings whilst at work, rush to do the work, rush our lunch, rush home and rush our dinner. Finally we go to bed without really appreciating that which is all around us. What have we experienced? – Nothing but ‘Rushing Around’!

In order to appreciate what we are and the environment we exist within we need to change our mind set to one that is forced to make us take notice. We need to take more time to look around us and absorb what we see – experiencing it FULLY and not by-passing it in our rush to get somewhere.

Try to adopt the position of this being your last day on earth. That everything you see and experience is to be cherished one last time and that it must be experienced fully in order to be cherished. To do this one must STOP and observe, see, feel, smell and hear the details of that which is around us. Look and wonder and delight in the experience of the simple things, the leaves on the trees, the birds in the trees, the rain pouring down, the sun behind the clouds, children playing. Don’t just think that everything is a job that needs to be ‘Rushed’ through, delight in what you are doing.

Taking time to enjoy what’s around you will make you calmer, more observant, more in-tune with the natural order of the physical universe, more in-tune with God, and, more efficient when you do need to work because you will be rested as a result.


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  1. Adrian B. says:

    Thank you for the nice weekend message. Is this what people refer to as “living in the now”?

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