RE-Post – The Darker Side of the Light – 6 of 20

This is the sixth of twenty blogs where one of my readers has asked for clarification from the Source about the darker issues we experience, or believe we experience, on Earth.

Q: How do the dark forces contribute to the overall plan of the Source?

SE:  I created you all to help me know myself better and to investigate all aspects of my structure that I did not want to particularly focus on myself. I have my own exploration of self to perform and I created you to access the very detail of that which I am. This can only be done in the detail required by smaller versions of myself.

It would be remiss of me to allow you to focus on just those parts of me that are high frequency. I am interested in everything and so I allow you to experience and experiment within and without the lowest frequencies that make up my structure and which have subsequently been used in the construction of your environment, the multiverse.

So to answer the question directly – “How do the dark forces contribute to the overall plan of the Source?” They contribute by providing the full level of detail of that which I am, leaving the dark forces out, so to speak, would not provide a complete picture and an incomplete picture is a flawed one.

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  1. Hi Guy,
    Does this mean that all of us (as smaller versions of SE1) generally choose to explore both “light” and “dark” roles, in terms of aspects or shards projected into the lower parts of the physical universe, as part of OUR overall evolution as “source entities in training”? If so, then some of these lower frequency (presumably non-human?) aspects of us might be lagging behind our higher frequency aspects during our gradual ascension through the physical universe, at least until mankind incarnate ascends to Tier 2 (the level of the simulacrum universe)? Please explain why we (incarnate mankind) or the remaining lower frequency incarnate vehicles need the simulacrum universes at all? Thanks a lot, Ulla

    • HI Ulla, Yes we do choose to experience the higher (light) and lower (dark) frequencies as part of our balanced evolution, Nothing lags behind, we choose to finalize our work with all aspects and shards before we move on. The “simultaneous universes” are part of the fundamental structure of the multiverse and provide a structured and progressive method of evolution and eventual “complete” communion with the Source. Thank you. I hope this answers your questions. Blessings Guy

      • Thanks for your response. I was asking about the simulacrum universe, i.e. the copy universe, that is a duplicate of the existing physical universe. Are we (and our other aspects in the physical universe) currently living in such a simulacrum reality, which was created for us to experience these lower frequencies? Please explain a bit more? Thanks, Ulla

        • The Simulacrum Universes(parallel universe) are a creation of the possibility of a dualistic condition, i.e. two or more directions to go in, and therefore the need for a decision to be made. They are not specifically created as a result of the need or desire to experience lower frequencies, although they, or one, may be created as a result of a decision that results in either a high frequency experience or a low frequency experience, the experiences depending upon the choice made within the decision process. Thanks for the request for clarification. Blessings Guy

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