Meditation is the Key to Experiencing the Greater Reality

The main reason we are intoxicated with, and believe that, the physical is the only reality is becasue we are immersed in it. We don’t give ourselves the time to seperate our intellects from what our physical bodies present to us as the tangible environment and seek that which is energetic.

The road to understanding what the greater reality is, is therefor the ability to seperate ourselves from the physical by allowing our energetic aspect to become the main sensory system. We can do this by regular, dedicated and in-depth meditation. When we meditate we are able to shut out the physical senses and use the energetic senses, exposing us to the greater realilty that is normally hidden by the predominante use of the physical senses.

You can start by giving yourselves the opportunity for 30 minutes undisturbed meditation per day and learn to sense and experience that which is hidden from you, your true environment.


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