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  1. Mo says:

    I would like to know if he is going to come to New Zealand. I live in Hanmer Springs and Oh boy the energy here is just un discribeable. You can feel the power that it gives off. It seems to open peoples mind to new thoughts about everything, its expands your mind in ways you didn’t think existed. I have got into Dolores Cannon and came across your name and thought, thats really interesting. This explains alot of my thoughts about the source. I asked well who created that. Must buy the books.

    • Dear Mo,

      Thank you for your very kind words. I Have been thinking about New Zealand for for some time because, as you say, the energies are wonderful there but I would need assistance to organize a workshop. You will enjoy the books and Beyond the Source Book 2 is available in July. Blessings to you. Guy

  2. sony shankar says:

    Dear Guy
    I have heard about you from my friend maria isabel. I am living in hongkong. I would like to have a reading from you..
    Please let me know your charges and if you can give me time.


  3. Judy Epstein says:

    I was told that you come to Maui to do workshops and that it would further my unfolding process to connect with you. On the website I did not see anything beyond 2013. Are you still holding workshops? Or more specifically, do you have any upcoming plans or desires to visit Maui???

    • Hi
      We did Workshops in Kauai in 2013 but have no plans to, as yet, visit Maui.
      If we have interest however, it may be a future venue.
      Blessings Guy

    • Hi Judy, I went to Kauii in 2013 and have a full schedule over 2014. no plans currently to travel to Maui but I will be in the US in 2015. Keep checking my workshop schedule and you will see the dates. The 2015 US tour is due to be in June. Blessings Guy

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