Interview with Mike Quinsey on his “Connecting the Light” show on BBS Radio 1st March 2013

Dear Souls,

Please find below a link to my interview with Mike Quinsey on his “Connecting The Light” Radio Show on BBS Radio 1st March 2013 10.00pm to 11.00pm UK time.

I am invited back to talk about The Ascension (21/12/2012) and what really happened, plus my new book “Beyond the Source – Book 2” and other interesting subjects based upon the greater reality. Click Here to here the show.




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  1. Marnie says:

    Guy, I just listened to your interview with Mike Quinsey & I get what you are saying about the ‘invisibility’ of those operating in higher frequencies. I am experiencing it in a physical sense myself, but did not realize that is what it was until you explained it in such an eloquent analogy of ‘waiting in line for service’. I would add to it that not only are they not perceiving you, but you are at the same time, recognizing that they are not perceiving you & in many cases, they are on a collision course with you because of this, which you are also perceiving. Or to say it better, you are perceiving from a broader perspective with both eyes open, compared to their perception is from a one-eyed squint.

    • Thank you Marnie,

      This example, with others, is without doubt a signpost that we are ascending whilst incarnate and that it is a gradual, robust and sustainable ascension.



  2. Timothy Tang says:

    I know uptight people are those who have more dominating aggressive presence. People operating in higher frequencies are those that are not uptight but are passive and peaceful and therefore have less dominating presence.

    Did the Origin or Source Entities say anything about the objectives or criteria that need to be fulfilled or reached by the souls that are currently present on Earth in order for their mission to be completed so they can ascend? Is it mainly just to experience and learn about the lower frequency environment? I hope I will not miss out on anything that needs to be done. And will there be any sign when the mission is about to be completed?

    • Dear Timothy, Our prime role in existence is to evolve. The overall criteria for incarnation is to experience all that is possible in these lower frequencies whilst not becoming besotted with them. Any attraction to low frequency stimuli is, in effect, (negative) Karma. Our role is therefore to experience existence in the physical, work with the physical, whilst not being “of” the physical. It is being “of” the physical that keeps us in the incarnate cycle. Once we are able to exist “incarnate” in the physical whilst being detached from materialistic desires, egotistical thought processes and selfish acts we will ascend above the need to incarnate to evolve.



  3. Trinity333 says:

    Hi Guy:

    can’t open either of the talk links (this one and Tony Kudos’) … is there another kind of format to open the links that you could forward over plz?

    thanks a bunch! Velda

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