How to Link into, and be part of, the World Satsanga meditations held on 22nd September 2012

For those of you who couldn’t make the World Satsanga meet-up, this is how to join in via the recording.

Listening to the recording provides the intension to participate in the event space within which the World Satsanga SKYPE meet-up exists, even if it is many days, weeks, months or years later. As a result one can join in and add to the synergetic effect of the group meditation at the end of the Satsanga as well.

To do this please listen to the recording and during the meditation please imagine bringing in your own chair, me standing up, making room for your chair and placing you in between Anne and myself, then imagine, your right hand taking Annes left hand and your left hand taking my right hand thereby completing the circle again. Now take part in the group meditation. During the decoupling of the group imagine Anne removing her left hand from your right hand and you removing your left hand from my right hand. Then leave the room as described in the recording. 


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