Do We Live In A Virtual Reality

Dear Souls,

Below is a question from one of my readers on the reality we exist within.

Q: What is the nature of reality we live in right now as incarnate humans on Earth? Is it true that we live in a virtual reality? Everything that surrounds us, including our planet and our bodies, consists of data, information in digital form. Sort of like a virtual game we would play on our home PC. So, matter doesn’t really exist. It’s all digital data and it only feels solid to us because we are IN this virtual game. To an outsider it is obvious that this is the case. To the insiders of the game—us—it seems perfectly “real” because otherwise it wouldn’t work as a school and hence we wouldn’t learn our lessons and evolve our consciousness… Are my findings correct or wrong?

SE: That is a reasonable analogy. To enter into the physical an entity needs to recognize that the aspects (souls) communication with the True Energetic Self (Higher Self, God Head, Over Soul) is reduced almost to the point of non-existence, and that any memories of your true self are temporarily removed to assist in the “total immersion” effect. Your very educational film The Matrix is another good example of what you are experiencing whilst incarnate on the lowest frequencies of the physical universe. However, it cannot be called a virtual reality per se because it is one of many realities that you all create to experience, learn and evolve. Note though that everything is a reality to the entity experiencing it, it’s just that some are temporary – all though, are energy and frequency based.


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