Be Discerning In Your Spiritual Education

Be discerning with relation to your spiritual work. Take on-board only that which resonates with you as the truth. There is a lot of spiritual text that is written by the ego or is “band-waggoning”, rather than from the source of the truth. Take on-board that which you feel is correct.

Many teachers today present the same information in different ways. This is necessary because everyone is at a different level of evolution and everyone is at a different level of awakening. More importantly, everyone has a different way of learning, absorbing and experientially knowing. So what may be kindergarten spiritualism to one person may be high spiritualism to another. Ascension is therefore for everyone.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Thanks Guy, I sometimes forget to look to myself for my best advise. Just because someone professes enlightened statements, they may not resonate with my inner statements.

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