Avoiding Karma – 102

Experiences that we classify as bad or “sub-optimal”, such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of a position of power/responsibility, an accident in one’s motor vehicle or the paint pot that is spilled on the carpet during decorating the home are all part of experiencing a balanced set of experiences in the physical.

We expect good things to happen to us all of the time whilst incarnate, and as such only focus on those things that we classify as good or “optimal”, removing the importance of experiencing the so-called bad or “sub-optimal” experiences. It is how we respond to these sub-optimal experiences, in comparison to the optimal, that dictates whether or not one is consumed by being “in” the experience.

When experiencing optimal events we pay little or no attention to it, we are “part of it” but “not of it”, unless of course the ego has a part to play in the optimal experience. When experiencing sub-optimal events we pay a lot of attention to it, we are “of it” but not “part of it”, forgetting the bigger picture that these experiences are part of, the result of which is an unwilling attraction to the lower frequency responses associated with the experience through emotions such as disappointment.

The antidote , which is written several times throughout this guide, is to stand back and see what the experience offers us as a lesson, taking time to see what the correct response route is, if the lesson is learnt, to gaining the evolutionary content attributed to the experience. With this knowledge in mind one can see the beauty in the experience and its timeliness and rise above the opportunity for entrapment in the lower frequencies.


2 Responses

  1. Timothy Tang says:

    Hi Guy,

    coincidentally, I have been thinking about the rampant occurrences of bad/disharmony things in reality based on what you said in your book about the lower 3D dimension being of lower frequency. And I wrote about it. Perhaps the triangulation from you joining my group has taken its effect.

    (Group Update Mar 10th) Ugliness/Disharmony/Mistakes Are Very Natural for a Low Frequency and Vibrational Dimension

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