The 5th Dimension

Question yourself; If we exist on the 3rd Dimension, and we are ascending to the 5th Dimension, what happened to the 4th Dimension. We are often told that “Time” is the 4th Dimension but if time does not exist except in the minds of men then the 4th Dimension does not exist. So if the 4th Dimension is time which does not exist then how can the 5th Dimension truly be the 5th Dimension.


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  1. chris says:

    Is the 5th dimantion a stat of awarness tweeked by the light spirit of the rna to the dna (12 strand) when the frequences or awarness is at the right level.Thnks Guy.

    • Hi Chris,

      The 5th Dimension is an area of the environment that is the Source Entity that is several frequency levels about ours. Let me explain.

      • Our Universe Exists within the Lowest Full Dimension. (Full Dimension Number 1)
      • Being the Lowest, it needs the Three Sub Dimensional Components to create it, together they equal one.
      • The Three Sub Dimensional Components can be Classified as – Height, Width, Breadth.
      • Twelve Frequencies inflate our “3 into 1” sub dimensional components creating a single Universe.
      • Thereafter, as we ascend the frequencies past the Twelfth Frequency, a Single Base Frequency = 1 Simultaneous Universe.
      • From the Second Full Dimension
      • Each Full Dimension, needs Three Sub Dimensional Components to create it.
      • Twelve Frequencies inflate each Sub Dimensional Component.
      • Each Base Frequency creates a Single Simultaneous Universe.
      • The number of frequencies is therefore 11x3x12 + 12 which = 408 base frequencies, but this equals 397 Simultaneous Universes! (11x3x12=396 +1 [12 physical universe frequencies]=397)
      Note that in The History of God the maths is relative to the Origin (as i found out later)

      I Hope this explains it.


  2. John Marshall says:

    Is Time a frequency that holds the 3 dimension in place?
    Without the mind, could we experience the other dimensions?

    • Time does not exist, we exist in a space that is measured in events (event space). The mind is a function of the ego, which is a function of being incarnate which is a blockage. without the mind we are unencumbered and use pure sentience and can experience the dimensions. Blessings John, Guy

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