The Way Forward

The Way forwards is not the way of the material world, for association/addiction with the material world creates dependence on that which we believe is necessary for maintaining our existence. The trappings of the material world are there to keep use rooted in the physical, believing that this is what we really are. We are besotted by the Gucci watch, the Armani suit, the Rolls Royce, the high ranking job when all we need is clothes to protect us from the cold, a reliable vehicle to get us from A to B and a job that pays the bill and protects for those “problem” moments that need a little bit extra. When we are happy with this level of existence then we have time to think about our communion with God, because with the other existence it perpetuates the need to work to keep the high paying job, to buy the expensive cars, the expensive clothes and jewelry. We have no time to stop and contemplate God for we are entrapped in the need to support, “that which we don’t need”, but is a necessary requirement to sustain our standing within society and ultimately our ego. God does not need “Social Standing”, nor “Riches”, for he loves you in the nakedness of how you are without them.


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