Dolores Cannons Funeral Service

Dear Souls,
Below is some text from my newsletter I would like to share with you referring to the weekend I had in Arkansas at Dolores Cannons service over 8th & 9th November 2014.
During the last week of my vacation in Greece I was advised of the passing of my publisher, Dolores Cannon, on 18th October 2014 and instantly decided to ask if I could attend the funeral service. Dolores had given me my big break and I was duty bound to ask, and, honored to be invited. I flew to Rogers, Arkansas for the Service, which took place over the weekend in 8th & 9th November 2014. I pre-recorded the World Satsanga that was due to be broadcast the following week in memory of Dolores’ work. Click on this World Satsanga link to access the recordings.
The Saturday night saw a small family gathering at Dolores’ house together with myself, the dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) practitioners who administer the QHHT Forum and the Ozark Mountain Publishing representatives from the UK and China. We ate a meal provided by the Cannon family members and remembered Dolores as if she was our own loving mother. She was/is more than that though – she was/is a mother of Metaphysics. It was a wonderful night. The same people were invited back to Dolores house after the open service on Sunday to meditate and observe the spreading of Dolores’ ashes around her garden by the family. It was a sublime moment.
Sunday saw an open service day to celebrate Dolores’ life at the Keith Ham Pavilion in Withrow Springs State Park, Huntsville. Again food was provided and more family and friends attended. A QHHT practitioner from Tokyo, Japan also attended. There are some dedicated people surrounding Dolores’ work, and rightly so. A few of us talked lovingly about an aspect of Dolores that they remembered as being special and I talked about why she had departed and how this linked in with the New Earth and the Ascension. The details are in the World Satsanga link and were posted on my web site over three consecutive weeks. Click on the links to them here Dolores 1 of  3, Dolores 2 of  3, Dolores 3 of  3. It was a wonderful send off and some of us have communicated energetically with Dolores since the service. I would like to thank the Cannon family for allowing me to attend the ‘family’ aspects of the service and Paul & Ellen for looking after me in the interim periods of this visit.


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  1. Mark Brown says:

    Dear Guy
    She was a wonderful teacher & lady. She was a major reason for my awakening & ultimately led me to you.
    Will be missed in 3d but her teachings live on.
    Much Love

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