The True Meaning Of Christmas – 2

Dear Souls,

Happy New year!!!!

The text below is from a Greek friend of mine, Kostos, in Thessaloniki -Greece who has given me another perspective of the meaning of Christmas.

“We call it Christougenna , meaning the birth of Christos,

The word “Χριστός”- “Christos” is coming from the verb χρίω(hrio) meaning the one who has given the gift, the charisma. It was used firstly to point the one who was salved with essence, and, it was used to translate the Jewish word “Messiah”.

Also the word Christos is written “Χρηστός” instead of “Χριστός” which is coming from the word “Χρη” – “Chri” meaning the one who lives with ethics , morals.”

Thank you Kostos.

I will let you all contemplate what the “gift” is, and what the type of ethics, morals are.






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