New Web Site – Now Live

Dear Souls,

The new website is now live, not finished as all websites evolve, but it is as close as it can be at this stage.

It is based upon the old site but with enhanced features such as a shopping cart to buy correspondence courses and healing/reading services, two forums and an easier navigation system.

The forums; one for the general spiritual public to discuss the subjects surrounding the Greater Reality, and another, for my TTF students to discuss experiences, share information and ask questions will help to spread the word on the detail behind the greater reality and what our capabilities are.

The link to the new site is and it will run along side the old site for the time being to allow for Google and other browsers catch up with its availability.

I thank Matjaz for his IT leadership, and both Matjaz and Ulla for agreeing to be forum mediators.

Namaste and blessings to you all.



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