A Summary of the Curators By Faith

Curators: All associated with Maintenance of Multiverse

The Curator categories, summarised by one of my readers, Faith to assist the reader of “The Curators” in their understanding.

27 levels with 4 subcategories under one level, total of 31 Curators.

E=Entity, B=Being

The Curators are:B The architects makes environmental changes 
B The Ilustratots access source memory akashic records theoretically draft possibilitiesB The planners work w illustrators so scenario come to action
B The orchestrators facilitate planners work w quality control B The Beginners manage event space and make or creation ES and its fractals
B The enders make sure ending of ES is done properly and or lead to new ESs and their ractalsB The deliveres help functionalities of beginners and enders work w ESs
B The waymakers work on every parallel condition and ES effects so all enders and beginners work of beings feels minimal and unnoticed by creating seamless insertion and withdrawal of ESs B The integrators work with waymakers and create holograph of ESs and connect ESs
B The seed makers create small events to affect ESsE The seeders work for seed makers beings and choose optimal moment to insert or withdrawal of ESs
E The Beleaguerers correct mistakes and clean up crew of ES mishap and operationsE The Recorders record the work of all maintenance entities in multiverse
E The interfacers are entities that oversee and link all entities work togetherE The initiators plan modifications to either create new opportunities or efficiency of environment functionality 
E The observers work within environment assigned and they place themselves in a position to experience energetically and/or observe the creation of entities E The producers creates small changes i.e. Anu 
E The generators takes energies made by producers and create low frequency forms/environments in physical 12 frequenciesE The environmentalists: entities that create and maintain physical environment: 1) the Universalists: components creator and habitation creators like galaxies and planets; 2) The Parallelism Engineers:result and effect of ES. Create separation between possibilities of ESs and any possible cross overs; 3) Concurrence Engineers: work on functionalities of multiple universes in the same space and at different frequencies.  So universes are concurrent but separate. They do not work on parallel universes and ES interactions; 4) The Frequential Barrier Engineers: work with Concurrent Enginners. Preserve gaps between frequencies in multiverse by creating support structures
E The attractionists: 1) specialized entities working in our physical multiverse dealing with attraction or gravity of energies  and 2) they work on energy signatures  and the incarnate entities attractions to each other to remove karmic links or work on a common life plan E The caretakers: entities working within physical universe  with incarnate mankind including Attractionists and The Vehicle Creators and entities like Angels, Elementals, Nature Spirits etc  
E The vehicle creators: create all entities and vehicles in physical multiverse in 1st dimension (12 frequencies) whether having collective minds like hives or like us
E The habitation creators: help and support the environment created. They work with Habitation Specialists
E The habitation specialists: these are Nature Spirits: entities that care and give attention to plants or animal s. Once specialists may be assigned to care for only one plant
E The atmospherisists: Group of entities stabilizing the wider environment like planetary, atmosphere, change in location of a planet or environment for the use of incarnate vehicle. They work on details behind the atmosphere they create to match or function. 
E The populationists: entities engineering specialists for plants/vegetation and animals in an environment. They work closely with Atmospherisists. Environment could be galactic or planetary or systematic like Moon, etc.  They create basic mechanical for “living” condition E Guides and helpers:  assist incarnate entities in the evolutionary cycle in the multiverse environment  


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