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These are some comments from readers of my books

Dear Guy,

I have to say that you are my favorite incarnate metaphysician! I discovered you book somehow via a reference on a webcast called 30 Odd Minutes. I briefly looked at your site and made a mental note to explore your books when I had the time. Then I was lucky enough to hear you interviewed on the BBS radio show “Connecting the Light” with Mike Quinsey. I am amazed at how deeply you have penetrated the larger reality.

I devoured History of God in one day, and am now reading Beyond the Source. I don’t think I can think of anyone else in our time frame whose work has changed my life so profoundly. Before I read your book I was lost in the lower frequencies. I too have studied metaphysics since I was about 14 and have a 300 book library on various metaphysical subjects. However, I was no longer meditating and connecting to my higher self on a daily basis. Your 1st book helped me re-frame what the “meaning of life” meant for me, and for that I am deeply thankful. In just a 24 hour period I felt like a completely different person. I’m now meditating twice a day for 30 minutes.

God bless you, but I see it already has. 🙂

with love and light,



This is a fantastic book. I loved it. It’s jam-packed with possible answers to so many questions that I have often wondered about, and explanations that actually feel right! The author clearly has a very keen and enquiring mind, and whenever I have read a certain part and thought “oh, but what about …..” he’s already one step ahead and asks that very thing in the next paragraph!

It’s not a particularly romantic view of God, but, let’s face it, we already have enough of those, and they often raise more questions than they answer. This is, however, a view of God that I can understand, and a view that makes sense to me.

I particularly enjoyed the first part of the book, the “mechanical side”, although I know that others have preferred the “less mechanical side” that makes up the second part. I did come across a couple of things in the second part that didn’t sit quite right with me, but after mulling them over for a few days I came to understand them. I guess how some things read comes down to your own personal perception.

I have to say that this is the most useful book I have read in ages. It also has the mark of a really good book, in that I shall keep it and read it again.

So, was this book helpful to me? Yes, definitely. Did I enjoy it? Very much so. And will I read it again? I will.

I would definitely recommend it. Read it with an open mind and a sense of quiet curiosity and see where it takes you. There is certainly less confusion in my world since reading it!

Sophie W, UK


By the way, I am a deeply pessimistic individual, so please read my review accordingly. I just don’t want you to think that I’m getting this attitude from the book; no, I’ve had it for a long time 🙂

I have read a lot of channeled material from various sources — Seth, Elias, Bashar, Steve Rother’s “The Group”, etc etc. All of it has been useful and important to me at the time I was reading it. But the past few years have been a bit of a dry spell; despite what I’ve read in the past (and more or less believed), the inherent limitations of human life did not make any sense. I have read FAR too much on the whole notion of “you create your reality,” and while it was an interesting intellectual belief, my daily life has never confirmed any of those feel-good attitudes and techniques. To this day I remain utterly confused about just how one changes a belief, or truly cures a phobia, or … you know, any of the practical stuff for improving one’s life “magically”, as Seth might encourage.

I will say though, that the only thing that made much practical sense in the last few years, was A Course in Miracles, because it just goes on and on about how dreadful this world is, how difficult it is to do anything truly soul-expanding; we’re always being assaulted by a reality “out there,” always having to make adjustments and change our plans because nothing works well, or when it does, it only lasts for awhile. Now that’s the kind of straight talk I can get behind! Don’t try to sell me fairytales — I’ve been living here for 30+ years.

But I digress. This book helped me tremendously, because it acted as a bridge between the plain-as-day reality that humans are EXTREMELY limited in what they can do here — and the more airy-fairy, gosh-I-wish-it-were-true metaphysics espoused by the present-day New Age, like Seth and Bashar and all the rest. I no longer see the truth as either-or. In fact, what I’ve decided upon reading this book (and seeing all the puzzle pieces of my past readings / beliefs fall into place), is that I really should make a habit of reading several different, apparently-contradictory channeled sources at the same time. Otherwise I get too caught up in the ideas of a single one, and start thinking rather dogmatically about things. Knowing for a fact that my OWN waking perceptions concerning all things eternal are hopelessly constrained and distorted, why should I assume that the same is not largely true of channelers? Clearly God and Spirituality have to be FAR beyond any one person’s conception and/or ability to communicate verbally.

So the book, for me, delivered a plausible (if perhaps too-humanly-digestible) explanation for why human reality is what it is, and sucks the way it sucks. My pessimistic realism is still there, but the sun has come out and begun to shine on it a little.

Put another way, for me this book delivered an immediately-gratifying cosmology that I had not encountered (so directly and clearly) anywhere else — and one that, for me, tied in well with a lot of hanging threads and questions I had left over from previous readings. I almost feel like I could write my OWN book now, using what I gained from this book as a “key” to my previous patchwork understandings.

D Gilliland, US


The author is an engineer, but obviously is not limited to that mindset. This book was written from material he received while in deep meditation. Guy’s book presents and validates most of my own deep-seated notions and beliefs. I think there are alot of people out there just like me to whom this book would make perfect sense.

The left-brain mechanical side of the book is very interesting, but I really loved the right brain, creative, expansive parts of the book! A big thank you to Guy Needler for writing this book.

TR, Colorado US


This book was a fascinating read. It has been very insightful as to my questions I thought would never be answered. This profound books keeps me rereading it to find new hidden knowledge in the text.

I recommend this inspiring read for all those who want to think on a much deeper level. I look forward to reading more of Guy Needler’s meditating dialogue from the “Source’ in the near future. You have a reader for life!

Always grateful.

B.Helton MI US


An outstanding book with excellent explanations of metaphysical subjects including the existence of God. The book will especially have appeal for anyone with a science or engineering background.

George. US


I found this book to be a life changing read for me. I have had questions for as long as I can remember and this book gave me answers, even to questions I didn’t even know I had. I have ordered the other books in the series and look forward to their information.I reccomend this to anyone that has questions of WHO WHAT WHERE HOW and WHY.

Starseed, US


The author describes the mechanics of the universe and how
we fit in and also gives an explanation of the origins of life as described to
him by two higher beings he has learnt to contact and channel. He talks about
how human beings developed. It addresses question such as who God is. I found
it really fascinating as all the explanations of the origins of the universe
and of why we are here were all new and unexpected. The book also has an
appendix containing advice on how to perform some meditations. It was hard to
put the book down as I kept wondering what would be on the next page.

Adele  C, UK


Can’t wait (for Beyond the Source). I am on my third, slow reading of The History of God and I continue to be blessed by it. So looking forward to more of the writings you are privileged to bring into the world.

Joe Meboe, HI


Hello Guy,  blessings and a hug of gratitude from Canada.  Wow, that was some reading material.  I will be perfectly honest and tell you that I skipped ahead to some of the subjects that I was most interested in instead of reading straight through.  It was just so difficult to keep up.  Now I am reading it over a little slower and taking time to let in sink in.

My dreams are sometimes just as far out there like your book so it was really refreshing to know that it is perfectly normal.  So many questions I want to ask you but I will have to wait until I think of a really good one first.  When I have thought of one, you will be the first to know.

Will let you know once I have finished reading “Beyond the Source” and hopefully I will breeze right through that one.  Hopefully.

Take care and have a great day.

All the best to you and your loved ones.

God Bless.

Maria Goretti


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