General Information About Readings

A reading by Guy will be much more than that which you would gain from going to see a medium.

“Thank YOU so very very much for your most enlightening reading.  I feel privileged to have learned of you!” – JG, San Francisco

Apart from the normal reading content given by a medium Guy will:

  • Answer questions on your life plan.
  • Show where you are with addressing Karma in this life
  • Advise you where you as an energy being originate from
  • Offer suggestions for optimising your existence in the physical, allowing you to gain more evolutionary content
  • Give you a personal and direct communication (through Guy) from the Source Entity, the entity we call God.
  • Answer any other questions you care to ask.

Comments From Guy on Readings…

“The depth at which I can go when giving a reading has astounded everyone I work with, including myself. I can get to the very heart of a clients energy and give them what they need to progress whilst incarnate.”

“Wow, thanks for the quick turnaround.  I am looking forward to listening again.  The reading was immensely helpful and I wish you all the best in everything you do! Thank you.” – CG, Boston

“The Source Entity (God) ALWAYS comes through ‘directly’ for the client at that specific point in the reading that is of particular importance to them. It is as if God is eager to remind us that “it” God, is very real and that we should begin to look for it as our creator and benefactor, one that always loves us in a most unconditional way and not that which is of the material world.”

How Long Does it Take?

Readings last for 1 hour, which does not include the preliminaries for contact. Readings can be done 1:1 in the physical or via Skype. There is normally a 15 minute lead in for Guy to link into the person being read, and 15-20 minutes after for last minute questions and addition “important information to be presented by spirit”.

What Does a Reading Cost?

“Guy thank you again!!  You really touched my life very deeply.” – AM, San Francisco

Fee per hour session: –

The current Cost of a Reading with Guy is £95.

Please note that Guy is now hosting a workshop from Monday 27th November 2023 and we will not be answering or reading emails. Reading and healing consultations are therefore also not available to be booked until his return. Emails or consultation requests can be submitted from 8:00am UK time on 18th December 2023.

Correspondence courses are an automatic download function and can continue to be purchased during this period.

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