Three Blogs to Celebrate the Work of Dolores Cannon 2/3

This is the second of three short blogs is designed to celebrate the life of Dolores Cannon by looking at how the information I have channeled in isolation to Dolores, correlates, and therefore justifies her claims for the two subjects that she was identified with most recently.

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The New Earth

Again, during her hypnosis sessions Dolores identifies that we were ascending and that we would be split between two versions of the Earth – the “old” Earth representing the current earth and the “New” Earth representing the New Earth. Those who are progressing “spiritually” are expected to ascend into the New Earth and those who are slow at progressing staying with the current old Earth.

Through gaining channeled information I have established that our creator, our Source, created a multiversal structure, based upon Frequency, Sub-Dimensional component and Full Dimension for us to evolve through, the based component being Frequency. The higher the frequency the higher the evolutionary content and the closer to communion with our creator we become. Within this structure and in general, each frequency level or band houses a completely independent and self-contained simultaneous universe in its own right. The only variation to this rule is the physical universe and this is because it is so low in frequency that it needs twelve frequency levels or bands to support it. It is these twelve frequency bands that we, whilst incarnate, ascend through as a result of our work.

If we look at the content of the universe from our position on Earth we see that the universe appears to be mostly empty with a number of galaxies dotted around it. Even though the number of galaxies is in the millions it is still a “very, very” small proportion of what we see as the volume of the universe. When we ascend the frequencies though, we start to see more universal content. This is because the gross physical exists only in the first three frequencies of the physical universe and if we move up one level, to say the fourth, that part of the physical universe that is invisible to us becomes visible because we are working with that frequency as well. This function repeats itself the higher up the frequencies we go, so as we ascend to the fifth frequency we see even more content within the physical universe. Going to the sixth we see even more until, when we reach the twelfth frequency level, the physical universe appears to be almost solid with “very, very” few small gaps in-between the content.

Getting back to explain the correlation with Dolores work, if we are on the third frequency level, as most incarnates are, we can only see the universal constant that is manifest on the first three frequencies, and not that which is on those frequencies higher than the third. If however we ascend to the fourth frequency we can see what is on the first three frequencies plus the fourth, but because we are now associated with the fourth frequency those that remain in the first three cannot see or perceive us.  Projecting this process up one level, if we ascend to the fifth frequency we can see what is on the first four frequencies plus the fifth, but because we are now associated with the fifth frequency those that remain in the first three or the fourth cannot see or perceive us. This process continues until we reach the highest point of the frequencies associated with the physical universe, the twelfth, and of course into those higher frequencies associated with the multiverse in general.

The example here relates to the physical universe and above, but because the Earth is a pan-frequential body – that being, it exists on all twelve frequencies associated with the physical universe, this also applies to what we experience whilst incarnate on Earth.

And so the New Earth is a frequential aspect of this pan-frequential body we call the Earth. The New Earth for most people being the frequencies associated with the fourth frequency, with another New Earth being on the fifth and another on the sixth and so on.

Proof of the New Earth is all around us for those that have moved on-wards before us move out of our visual and perceptual range, they lose contact with us, they appear to disappear.  Those who move on-wards, generally ascend in a slow, repeatable and robust way. They have access to more content,  seeing and perceiving more of the universe, whilst also enjoying an increase in spiritual functionality, such as enhanced intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc.

As I have just stated, those in the higher frequencies can see and perceive those in the same or lower frequencies and those of a lower frequency cannot see or perceive those of a higher frequency. However, those of a higher frequency will develop the skills necessary to be able to “drop down” the frequencies temporarily to interface with those who exist in the frequencies below them, creating continuity of existence.

So just how many New Earths are there? There are nine. The New Earth Dolores talks about is the first, the ascension from the third frequency to the fourth.




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