Thirteen questions that have Biblical references – 3 of 13


This is the third of thirteen questions that have Biblical references.

Q: At the time of Moses channeling Jehovah did Jehovah exist in the lower dimensional frequencies or higher?

A: Jehovah, as an individualized aspect of  its True Energetic Self (TES) was located (projected into) in the Astral levels, those closes to the gross physical aspects of the human form. This ensured that it remained energetic whilst being close enough to the gross physical frequencies (frequency levels 1, 2 & 3) to allow a robust level of communication, including the ability to manifest a form or body if required.

The Astral levels exist within the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th frequencies. The are designated as follows:

  • Lower Astral = 4th Frequency
  • Upper-Lower Astral = 5th Frequency
  • Lower-Upper Astral = 6th Frequency
  • Upper Astral = 7th Frequency

The TES of Jehovah (and later Jesus) is located in the 6th frequency of the 3rd sub-dimensional component of the 6th full dimension. Click here to download a document explaining the structure of the multiverse.




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