Thirteen Questions that have Biblical References – 1 of 13

This is the first of thirteen questions that have Biblical references

Q: Who is the entity that called himself Jehovah which was channeled by Moses.

A: Jehovah was an aspect of the True Energetic Self (TES) that would eventually incarnate as the being we call Jesus. The information given to Moses was the start of  the information that was designed to help incarnate beings exist in a Karma free state – raising their frequencies.

This aspect later augmented this “way”, re-establishing our focus of how to exist whilst incarnate, during an incarnation as Jesus.

Other teachers have also been sent to help incarnate mankind, illustrating other directions of thought, behavior and action that can be used to negate Karma. All are relevant.




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  1. Kalee says:

    Thank you

  2. Von Robert Hogan says:


  3. Shakeh says:

    Thanks! This sort of answers my question: what generation of god was Jehovah? Though it is still not clear,

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